Honor Pledges

All instructors must require students to write out and sign the exam honor pledge on all examinations. The honor pledge can be printed on the exam itself (text and images below) or displayed in the classroom during the exam (slides below). Instructors can also require an honor pledge on graded assignments and group projects.

The academic honesty policy applies to all submitted student work, regardless of whether the instructor used an honor pledge.

Resources for implementing honor pledges include:

Download all resources in .zip file

Honor Pledge for Exams (Required):
“I affirm that I will not give or receive any unauthorized help on this exam, and that all work will be my own.”

Honor Pledge for Graded Assignments (Recommended):
“I affirm that I have not given or received any unauthorized help on this assignment, and that this work is my own.”

Honor Pledge for Group Projects (Recommended):
“I accept responsibility for my role in ensuring the integrity of the work submitted by the group in which I participated.”

Additional Resources
Download PowerPoint Slides (.pptx) with Honor Pledges
Download Word Document (.docx) with Honor Pledges
Download PDF with Honor Pledges
Download Images (.png) Exam Honor Pledge, Graded Assignment Honor Pledge, and Group Project Honor Pledge

Exam Honor Pledge

Assignment Honor Pledge

Group Honor Pledge