International Students

If you are studying at the University on an F-1 or J-1 student visa and are suspected of violating the academic honesty policy, you should contact the International Services Office (ISO) to discuss how academic honesty penalties might affect your US immigration permissions in either of the following scenarios.

Scenario One

This scenario applies to students who are undergraduates suspected of a second or third policy violation or graduate students suspected of any violation, as typical penalties for these cases can include separation from the University (i.e., suspension or expulsion). 

If you are separated from the University, you will no longer be eligible for University of Rochester immigration sponsorship as you will not maintain enrollment at the University. 

It is important that you discuss possible outcomes with ISO in advance, since your options are more limited once a separation decision is final. Any information shared with ISO prior to official University action is NOT reportable for immigration purposes, so there is no consequence in discussing your options openly with an ISO advisor in advance.

Early understanding of the impact and timing of a possible separation is critical in thinking about alternative immigration, academic, and personal plans.

Scenario Two

This scenario applies to students who are scheduled to graduate and have applied for F-1 work authorization, or Optional Practical Training (OPT). 

If an academic honesty penalty such as a course failure or separation from the University would cause you not to graduate as scheduled, your eligibility for OPT may be impacted and can result in delays or denial of the pending application. ISO advisors will help you to understand immigration options based on an academic honesty penalty, your remaining degree requirements, and any other academic or employment plans.

Contacting ISO

Don’t delay in scheduling an appointment with ISO! Especially while the final resolution of your academic honesty case remains uncertain, an ISO advisor can still help you to strategize your immigration options and plan ahead for different potential outcomes.

For more information, contact the International Services Office.