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Conversation Hours

Conversation Hours are open to all that have some knowledge of the language and wish to improve their proficiency. Feel free to inquire about any language that isn't listed in the schedule.

“While many students might feel afraid to make mistakes in a classroom situation, they probably won't in the relaxed atmosphere of the conversation hours. Here everyone is encouraged to make mistakes. Simply try to express what's on your mind in the foreign language you learn. That has encouraged me to attend one of the conversation hours many times and surely helped me to speak more fluently, also during class”
Basti Lehman, Class of 2020

Language Center Conversation Hours

LanguageSchedule (EST)Mode
ASL 1 ~ "Silent Coffee"Thursday 7:30-9:00pmRegister for In Person
ASL 2 ~ "Silent Coffee"Thursday 7:30-9:00pmRegister for In Person
ARABIC ~ "Qahua Wa Munaqasha"Monday 2:00-3:00pmZoom/In Person
CHINESE ~ "Shuo Shuo Hua"Friday 3:00-4:00pmZoom/In Person
FRENCH ~ "Café Culture"Monday 6:15-7:15 pmZoom/In Person
GERMAN ~ "Kaffee und Quatschen"Thursday 5:00-6:00pmZoom/In Person
HEBREW ~ "Café Ivrit"Wednesday 5:00-6:00 pmZoom/In Person
ITALIAN ~ "Facciamo 4 Chiacchiere"Thursday 12:00-1:00 pmZoom/In Person
JAPANESE ~ "Awa-gashi"Thursday 6:00-7:00pmZoom/In Person
KOREAN ~ "Dantalk Bang"Wednesday 3:30-4:30pmZoom/In Person
LATIN ~ "Cena Latina"Tuesday 5:00-6:00pmZoom/In Person
POLISH ~ "Polski Mniej Obcy"Friday 1:00-2:00 pmZoom/In Person
PORTUGUESE ~ "Balas & Bolinhos"Tuesday 2:00-3:00pmZoom/In Person
RUSSIAN ~ "Dobro Slovo"Saturday 10:00-11:00amZoom/In Person
SPANISH ~ "Nachos y Charla"Monday 5:00-6:00 pmZoom/In Person