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Disability Services and Support

Guidelines for Accommodation Requests Due to Disability: Housing and Dining Services

Getting Started: How to Request Housing Accommodations

  1. The student completes an online application to request accommodations.

  2. All students are required to submit documentation of their disability pursuant to University of Rochester documentation guidelines as part of the intake process. The process of determining reasonable accommodations is collaborative among the student, the Associate Vice Provost of Disability Compliance, the information contained in professional documentation, and the Office for Residential Life and Housing Services.

  3. If approved, a notification of accommodations letter will be issued to the Office of Residential Life and Housing Services which informs them of the approved accommodation.

  4. Students are responsible for initiating requests for housing accommodations each year.

The following is a summary of factors that will be used in determining if the requested accommodation is reasonable:


  • Is the impact of the disability life threatening if the accommodation is not provided

  • Is there a negative health impact that may be permanent if the accommodation is not provided

  • Is the accommodation an integral component of a treatment plan


  • Where a single room is requested, is the space available?
    *Please note that there may be circumstances in which the number of single rooms or other requested space available as accommodations is less than the number of requests. The University must, therefore, prioritize requests.

  • Is the requested accommodation the only effective way of addressing the limitations caused by the impairment, or are there other effective methods or housing configurations that would provide reasonably equivalent access as the requested accommodation?
    *The University is not legally required to provide the requested accommodation, if there is another available accommodation that would be equally effective. The University will give substantial weight to the provider’s recommendation, but reserves the right to offer an alternative effective accommodation or provide the requested accommodation when the requested space becomes available.

  • Was the request made within a reasonable time frame relative to the housing application deadline? It may not be possible to provide accommodations requested after housing assignments are made.

Getting Started: How to Request Modifications to Dining Plans

Students with food allergies should contact the Campus Dietician:

Phone: (585) 275-1129

Additional information for students with allergies or other dietary needs can be found on the University Dining Services’ website.

Resolving a Dispute

The University provides both informal and formal processes to attempt to resolve disputes.

Informal Process

  1. In instances where there is a dispute, the student, University administrative staff, and/or the access coordinator will make every effort to resolve the disagreement.
  2. If a resolution cannot be reached, the student may seek informal resolution by submitting a Request for Review of the disputed decision to the University of Rochester Associate Vice Provost of Disability Compliance. The Associate Vice Provost of Disability Compliance will attempt to resolve the dispute.
  3. If the dispute cannot be resolved the Associate Vice Provost of Disability Compliance will convene the Eligibility Assessment Committee within seven (7) working days of receiving the Request for Review.
  4. The Committee will review the Request for Review and any additional relevant information from University personnel in order to render a decision within ten (10) working days from the date of receiving the Request for Review.
  5. If the individual is not satisfied with the decision of the Committee, a formal grievance must be filed under the Section 504/ADA - Grievance Procedure.

    Eligibility Assessment Committee

    The Eligibility Assessment Committee is appointed by the Associate Vice Provost of Disability Compliance. This committee serves as a resource for faculty, administrators and University students, on a case-by-case basis, in resolving disagreements that arise concerning requests for accommodations. 

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