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What Options do I have for Software Access?

Some software is available for student download. A list of this software, along with installation information is available.

Miner Library can provide remote access to their specialized software to anyone with a URMC AD account. For details, visit this page.

Additionally, Event and Classroom Management Public Computing team and the End User Computing team in University IT have worked together to provide access to the very same Windows computers that are a resource across River Campus computer classrooms and lab spaces.

The listed software is available through this service (Note, this is the same software that is provided on the managed Windows machines). Your instructor may have provided you with access to additional software. Please choose the pool you connect into based on the work you will be doing and the tools to which you need access.

Access: Visit

Tutorials at

If you will be participating in a Zoom meeting, connect to that FIRST, then connect to this service. You must run Zoom locally. Running Zoom within the remote session can cause audio issues as you will not have microphone access.

There is a limit of 6 hours in any given session.

If you need to move files back and forth to your local machine, use the Horizon client and enable storage access. You can also use google drive, box, other web storage.

If you have more than one pool available (Optics, for example), choose the special pool only if you will be using the special software associated with it.

Tips & Troubleshooting

  • HTML access is quicker to set up/ test, and should work for all.
  • DUO is required, VPN is not. (Get DUO while on campus: University DUO | URMC DUO, call 585-275-2000 for assistance if you are off-campus)
  • If your connection attempt seems to hang, then gives an ‘Access Denied’ error, double check that you are enrolled in DUO for your Active Directory Account.
  • If you are only enrolled in NetID, connect to VPN, you can then immediately connect to and also adjust your DUO enrollments.
  • Medical Center users are more likely to not have access already configured. If presented with a domain choice, be sure to choose URMC-SH if that is your domain.
  • To request support (access, connection issue) fill out the classroom/lab support form. Be certain to include a complete description of the problem. Screenshots or a photo of your screen can be extremely helpful.  If you get a Duo Authentication error, i.e. “Access Denied. The username you have entered cannot authenticate with Duo Security. Please contact your system administrator.” when logging in to create a ticket, you must CALL the helpdesk at 585.275.2000.

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