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January–February 2011
Vol. 73, No. 3

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Priscilla Coit Murphy sends a photo and update about the ways in which she and the other grown children of third-generation Rochester graduate Charles (Charlie) Coit continue to honor his memory and recall his love for the University. She writes: “In October, the six children of Charles Coit gathered at the Ipswich River in Middleton, Mass., to commemorate his short life on the 50th anniversary of his death in 1960. Charles was the son of Frederick W. Coit, Class of 1901, and the grandson of Charles Pierpont Coit, Class of 1867. Shared mementos brought to the gathering included his ‘R’ blanket and the ‘R’ letter he earned in sports, shown here with a portrait of Charlie shortly before he died. Pictured are his children Philip, Priscilla [wife of Thomas Murphy ’73M (MD)], Richard, Robert, Stephen (father of Margaret Coit ’04), and Elizabeth.”


Donald Messina ’57 (MA) has made a DVD documentary, Operation Sail ’76, about the international maritime celebration of the United States Bicentennial. Donald writes: “The entire program is narrated in great detail and is accompanied by beautiful music.” It includes both aerial and water-level views of the Parade of Ships, during which tall ships and smaller vessels from around the world sailed into New York Harbor on July 4, 1976. Donald welcomes e-mail inquiries at


Bill Anderson sends a photo and an update. He writes: “The 1957 Theta Chi class concluded a great cruise to Alaska complete with considerable camaraderie, conviviality, and congeniality. This marks the third annual minireunion since re-acquainting at our 50th reunion in Rochester in 2007. After touring Seattle, we boarded the Golden Princess and cruised the inland passageway to Juneau, Skagway, Tracy Arm, Ketchikan, and Victoria, British Columbia, before returning to Seattle.” Pictured from left to right are (seated) Hinrich (Hinni) Martens ’59 (MS), Bill, and Hank Porter; (standing) John Hageman, Dave VanDerMeid, and Mark Sharnoff. Also present were Maria Martens, Carol (Kay) Stiles Anderson ’59N, Barbara Porter, and Patricia Hageman.


Tom Worosz writes: “In February 2010, I traveled to Southeast Asia and, over a five-week period, visited four countries—Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, and Vietnam. I kept a detailed diary of my trip, recording my adventures with prose and pictures on a blog, The blog allowed my family and friends to track my progress and made sure that I was behaving myself. I enjoyed myself so much that I decided to undertake a major trip in early 2011 to the southern portion of Africa for 50 days. I will be departing from Dulles airport, outside Washington, D.C., for a 20-hour flight to Cape Town, South Africa, on Jan. 30, where I will be joining a group of like-minded travelers. Follow my adventures and travels on www.tomsafricanadventure2011.”


Mollie Heath Bowers sends an update. She is a full-time arbitrator and mediator of labor disputes and a member of the National Academy of Arbitrators and of the Kentucky Labor Relations Board. She has offices in both Kentucky and in Baltimore. She lives in Kentucky with her husband, Walter Hollon, and has retired after 23 years as a professor at the University of Baltimore’s business school.


Lawrence Kramer writes: “Just e-mailing to report my recent trip to the Grand Canyon. Hiked rim to rim (24 miles) with several other ‘old guys.’ Started at the North Rim, and hiked down to the Phantom Ranch, where we recuperated after 14 miles of downhill hiking. Then hiked up the South Rim, another 10 miles, with an approximately 4,500-foot elevation gain. Fantastic scenery. Great time. Great memories.”


Frank Mamat, a labor attorney at Foster Swift Collins & Smith, has been named a Michigan “Super Lawyer” by Super Lawyers magazine. Frank focuses on issues related to unions, such as contract negotiations, unfair labor practice litigation, National Labor Relations Board practices, organizing, picketing, and boycotts.


Susan Lauscher writes: “After 35 years in the Washington, D.C., area, I have moved to Fort Collins, Colo. I continue to be a senior attorney at the Nature Conservancy, working out of the conservancy’s Boulder office. I have moved to ‘the Planet of the Friendly People’ and am enjoying life in a bustling college ‘town’ of 135,000 people. I don’t miss: the Beltway, humidity, the obsession with politics, hot summer evenings, the New Jersey Turnpike, and rude people. I do miss: a decent deli, French restaurants, lots of classical music concert choices (although there is music here, it’s an hour away in either Boulder or Denver), and the possibility of a drive to an ocean beach. Trade-offs that are easy to live with!” . . . Kathy McMorran Murray sends an update. “This year’s Meliora Weekend was not a reunion year for ’74; however, several of us were there. Bill and Bernice Marcus Samuels were there as alumni and parents of daughter Diane Samuels ’11. I haven’t been able to meet Diane yet because she did a year abroad in fall 2009 and in spring and summer 2010 and wasn’t available when Alan and I met up with Bill and Bernice for coffee. Carol Karp and her husband, Victor Glushko, were also there as parents of a senior, Sarah Karp ’11, whom I’ve known since she was a baby. Francis Price ’75S (MBA) was on campus for the trustees’ meeting, then stayed for Meliora Weekend events with his wife, Nita. For me, it has been a busy year. I established my own firm, McMorran Strategists, a business consulting firm with a client list including Verity Wines, a New York State distributor of wines from around the globe. I also joined Rochester’s Board of Trustees. If you have news, please submit it for inclusion in future notes. Send them to me or to Review at”


Jimmie Reyna, an international trade lawyer and partner at the Washington, D.C., firm Williams Mullen, has been nominated by President Barack Obama to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit.


Alan Lipkin sends a photo and an update. An otolaryngologist in Denver, Alan writes that he climbed to Gray’s Peak, elevation 14,270 feet, in the Colorado Rockies, with his dog, Stanley, in August. He adds: “Although I’ve climbed over 20 other Colorado ‘Fourteeners,’ Stanley is one of the first basset hounds to make it to this elevation.” . . . Ed Nathan writes that he has been named assistant director of real estate assets in the real estate services department of the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey. An attorney with 25 years experience in commercial law, Ed will be responsible for real estate acquisitions for all Port Authority projects within the "Port District," a 1,500-square-mile area in both states centered on New York harbor.


Bob Dardano writes that he and Patrick O’Connor ’78 spent 10 days vacationing in St. Petersburg, Russia, last spring. “Patrick and I have been friends ever since we met in Russian class in 1974. While touring the sites in Russia’s imperial capital, we enjoyed the chance to use some of the language skills we acquired as undergraduates.”


John Fairfield ’85 (PhD), a professor of history at Xavier University in Cincinnati, has published a book, The Public and Its Possibilities: Triumphs and Tragedies in the American City (Temple University Press). . . . Patrick O’Connor (see ’77).


Bob Bly writes that he has released a new book, How to Write & Sell Simple Information for Fun and Profit (Linden Publishing). He’s written more than 80 books on writing and marketing. . . . Paul Gamble sends an update. A captain and a judge advocate in the Navy, Paul writes that he’s been selected to become the next staff judge advocate to the commander of the Navy Mid-Atlantic Reserve Component Command in Norfolk, Va. He’ll support the commander in the training and administration of more than 11,000 Navy reservists from Maine to North Carolina. As the senior judge advocate in the region, he’ll also supervise all Navy reserve lawyers in the area. Paul was recently awarded his second Meritorious Service Medal for his last assignment as a general court-martial military judge. In his civilian career, Paul is a principal court attorney to an acting justice of the Supreme Court of New York in Queens County.


Linda Adele Goodine, a professor of photography at the Herron School of Art and Design at Indiana University–Purdue University Indianapolis, writes that she has completed a European tour. A surrealist photographer, Linda had a solo exhibition at the National Gallery of Macedonia last May and June and gave a lecture, “American Surrealist Photographers Before the Computer,” at European University Macedonia. Then she headed to Cologne, Germany, to lay the groundwork for a collaborative photographic and Web-based project “that will incorporate both the Rhine and White rivers.” Her last stop was the National Museum of Montenegro, where she had a solo exhibition in July. In 2007, she was in England as the featured artist at the International Sylvia Plath Symposium in Oxford. She sends a photo of herself with Robin Williams’s likeness at Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in London.


LouAnn Gerken writes that she has published a book, Language Development (Plural Publishing, 2008). LouAnn is a professor of psychology and linguistics and director of the cognitive science program at the University of Arizona.


Steven Piaker has been elected a trustee of the Jewish Community Foundation of Greater Hartford, Conn. Steven is a financial analyst and a managing partner of CCP Equity Partners. . . . Steve Zoeller has joined the math department at South Kent School, an independent college preparatory school for boys in Kent, Conn.


Karl Mueller is a laboratory fellow at the Environmental Molecular Sciences Laboratory, located on the campus of the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory in Richland, Wash. Previously a professor of chemistry at Penn State, Karl specializes in solid-state magnetic resonance research.


Robert Sheneman has been promoted to deputy head of the Environment, Safety, Health & Security Department at the U.S. Department of Energy’s Princeton Plasma Physics Laboratory. In this position, he’ll be the laboratory’s leader in issues of sustainability, such as energy and water efficiency, renewable energy, and greenhouse gas management.


Eric LoPresti, a native of Richland, Wash., held an exhibit, called Afterglow, of 25 of his paintings and drawings at the Richland Public Library and at Washington State University Tri-Cities in October. The exhibit examined “beauty of the desert, the historic significance of the Hanford Nuclear Site, and the relationship of science, environment, history, and geography embodied in this region of the country.” Eric joined Pulitzer Prize winner Richard Rhodes, author of The Making of the Atomic Bomb, in a keynote lecture as part of a series of events accompanying the exhibit.


Philip Kusnetz writes: “After more than 10 years of zealously advocating on behalf of clients, I’ve formed my own law firm in Garden City, N.Y., focusing on matrimonial law, family law, and personal injury.”


Archana Ramanath Narayan writes that she and her husband, Pramodh, welcomed a son, Rohan Ramanath Narayan, in July. He weighed 6 pounds, 8 ounces, and measured 19.5 inches long. Archana adds that she is a physician in the Chicago area specializing in pediatric allergy, asthma, and immunology.


Joe and Kimberly Abbott Brown send a photo and an update. They live in Buffalo, where Joe is an employment litigator at Hodgson Russ, and Kim is a stay-at-home mom to (from left to right) Connor, 4, Gabriella, 6, and Matthew, 1.


Stefanie Greenberg Chautin and her husband, Jason, welcomed twins, Melanie and Kyle, in May. They live in northern Virginia, where Stefanie is a management consultant for NVR, a homebuilding and mortgage banking company.


Douglas Austin ’04S (MBA) and his wife, Rebecca, welcomed a daughter, Hailey Pearl, in September 2009. They send a photo, taken during Meliora Weekend 2009 in the George Eastman Circle Hospitality Room. Douglas adds: “Both mom and baby Hailey are doing great in Albany, N.Y.!” . . . Chris Kadamus has been named principal engineer at the Boston engineering and design firm Essential.


Sarah Sitarek Deleo ’00 (T5) sends a photo of her son, Aleksander Michael. She and her husband, Craig, welcomed him in November 2009. . . . John Orfe (see ’99 Eastman).


Sarah Sitarek Deleo (T5) (see ’99).


Mustafa Coskun ’03 (MS) and Emily Pilger ’07M (MD) were married in June at the Downtown Harvard Club of Boston. Pictured from left to right are Jeff Stevenson ’01, Laramy Enders, Denise Skrombolas ’00, Eleni Skrombolas ’03, Marina Skrombolas ’05, Danny Fonseca ’01, Pinar Ulug ’03, Mustafa, Tolga Numanoglu ’09 (PhD), Emily, Guillermo Vidal, Foti Skrombolas ’03, Sheena Mathew ’07M (MD), Tjasa Hranjec, Kurt Deriziotis, Rebecca Porter ’04, ’09M (MS), Matt Grunert ’04, ’09M (MD), and John Legrand ’04.


Adrianne Drollette is a senior political action specialist at the American Nurses Association, a professional association and lobbying group for nurses.


David Reiner has joined Temple Beth-El in Geneva, N.Y., as rabbi.


Aparajita (Tuma) Biswas and Ajay Kuriyan ’10M (MD) were married in May. Pictured are (back row) Ari Stillman ’08, Reeshi Ray ’03, Samit Shah ’04, ’09M (MD), Kathryn Walsh, Neil Dani, Carrie Heid, Mohammed Gangat, Mohini Gurme, Meghan Ochal, Meghan Schubmehl, Paramita Das, Indira Biswas; (middle row) Christy Rakoczy, Jehu Mathew ’04, ’08M (MD), Shailey Desai ’04, ’08M (MD), Atul (Sippy) Gulati ’04, Kathryn Wolak, Tuma, Ajay, Emily Locker; (front row) Nidhi Geevarghese ’06, and J’mir Cousar ’06. Also in attendance but not pictured were Gordon Chang ’06, Father Brian Cool, and Steven and Diane Feldon of the Flaum Eye Institute. . . . Brandi Davis and Alex Dusenbery were married in June in Boston. Alumni in attendance included Kelly Dusenbery ’09, Meghan Schubmehl, Emily Locker, Mike Cummings, Steve McIntosh, and Rawley Heimer. . . . Josh Evans and Ann Richards were married in August in Aquebogue, N.Y. Alumni in attendance were (back row) Maggie Evans ’08, Annie Podkaminer ’06, Melanie Branski ’04, Amy Louer ’07, Mary Carol Karl ’07, Erin Miga ’03, Amy Klenke ’06, Kristin Broderick ’04, Aaron Evans ’03, ’08S (MBA), Adam Comis ’04, Jesse George ’03, Dave Sanok, Brad Di Pietro, Evan Colleran ’04, Jamie Mooney ’07, Mike Bernstein; (middle row) Kate Repas, Cassie Filios, Katie Congdon, Josh, Ann, Kimberly Hampton ’04, Amanda Shaw, Lauren Mele McCauslin ’02; (front row) Jason Haenggi and John McCasulin ’02.


Robin Tanner has graduated from Harvard Divinity School and is pastor at the Piedmont Unitarian Universalist Church in Charlotte, N.C.