College Center for Advising Services


A. Release of Advising Records and Transcripts

Upon electronic request, a student may obtain a copy of his or her official transcript from the Registrar’s Office.

An Advising Record can be requested from College staff members only from the College’s Office of Academic Records. This is in hardcopy from only, and is printed on request.

B. Information Included in the Advising Record

The advising record is an accurate depiction of the student’s academic history. Courses dropped after the four-week drop/delete deadline appear with the grade of “W” and the week in which the course was dropped. “Incomplete” grades appear; the final grade is noted next to the “I”. The intended major appears only on the advising record.

C. Information Included on the Transcript

Courses that students drop after the fourth week appear with the grade of “W” but without the week in which the course was dropped.

Courses graded “I” or “N” (no grade) are listed on the transcript. Students may make appropriate arrangements with their instructors for completion of their courses (see “Incompletes”). Once a final grade has been submitted (“A” through “E”), the final grade—without any “I” notation—appears on the transcript.

All courses that are repeated for a grade, and the grades, are listed on the transcript, along with a symbol designating that the course has been repeated and that only the second grade (and associated credit, if any) is factored into the grade point average.

The major appears on the transcript once the student has been officially accepted.

D. Information Included on both the Advising Record and the Transcript

Transfer credit and Advanced Placement credit are noted on both records.

The student’s method of completing the Rochester Curriculum is printed on both records as follows:

Each area is printed: humanities, social sciences, natural sciences.

Each major and minor is printed in the relevant area.

If neither a major nor a minor has been declared in an area, the cluster title and sponsoring department appears.



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