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Enrollment Policy

Students admitted in the fall of 2013 and beyond are expected to carry the normal academic load of 16 credits per semester allowing them to complete 128 credits in eight semesters. To ensure that students get the full benefit of the residential college experience, students are expected to maintain full-time enrollment (i.e. registering for at least 12 credit hours) during the fall or spring semester for no less than seven semesters.  (See table below for transfer students.)

Semesters spent on UR study abroad academic year programs that permit continuation of UR financial aid are considered the equivalent of full-time semesters in residence.  When the College has contracted for the provision of courses taken elsewhere (e.g. the Rochester Area Colleges Inter-Institutional Agreement), the dean may waive the transfer credit limit.

Summer and transfer credit (including online courses taken elsewhere), credit for Advanced Placement and International Baccalaureate exams, as well as overload credits earned over the standard 16 per semester, may be applied to meet College requirements.  However, the total credit from these sources cannot be used to accelerate by more than one semester.

Transfer students admitted as:need to maintain full-time enrollment for:
First-semester freshmen
(1-7 credits)
seven semesters
Second-semester freshmen
(8-23 credits)
six semesters
First-semester sophomores
(24-39 credits)
five semesters
Second-semester sophomores
(40-55 credits)
four semesters
First-semester juniors
(56-71 credits)
four semesters
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