Three Percent #18: Occupy Everything

This week’s podcast is a mixed bag of stuff. Our main focus is on book events—why from a publisher’s perspective they can be frustrating, what makes them interesting (or not), etc. But we also talk a bit about Occupy Wall Street and books that we hope are in the OWS library.

Oh, and as can only be expected, we talk about the St. Louis Cardinals and the World Series. (This post would’ve been up earlier, but it’s taking a while to recover from last night’s loss . . . Which, in all respects, was an INCREDIBLE game.)

Anyway, the first line of the podcast sums it all up and provides a perfect preview of what to expect.

The music this week is Itchin’ on a Photograph from Grouplove’s Never Trust a Happy Song. It reminds Nate of listening to “120 Minutes” in his youth, and feeling sort of nostalgically sad. I think it’s pretty catchy.

As always you can subscribe to the podcast in iTunes by clicking here. To subscribe with other podcast downloading software, such as Google’s Listen, copy the following link.

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