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Frequently Asked Questions

What are intramurals?

Intramural sports are organized programs that allow the students, faculty, and staff of the University to participate in team, dual, and individual sport activities. Intramurals provides the opportunity for physical activity, fellowship, promotes wellness and the use of leisure time.

What is available?

The Intramural Sports program offers organized league competition in several team sports including: basketball, floor hockey, football, flag football, soccer, volleyball, and ultimate frisbee, dodgeball, kickball, futsal, and field hockey. Co-rec, open, women's and A leagues are available. 

Where is the Intramural Sports Office?

The Intramural Sports Office is located in the Goergen Athletic Center, Room 1111. Simply enter the front doors of the complex and make a left before you reach the front desk. The office is the first room on the left. 

How do I get involved?

Sign up instructions can be found here.

Does it cost money?

Although there is no cost for Intramurals, a returnable $20 forfeit fee is required from each team at the captain's meeting. The fee is refunded at the end of the season if the team does not forfeit any contests. $10 is returned if the team forfeits only once.

Is there a certain skill required?

The Intramural Sports program is designed for the participation, recreation, and enjoyment of the entire University community. Participants of ALL skill levels are invited and encouraged to participate.

Who can participate?

To participate, you must have a valid UR ID card. All full-time undergraduate or graduate students may participate, as well as members of the R Club (over the age of 22). Varsity athletes may not participate in their particular sport. 

What divisions are available?

A team in an OPEN league may have any combination of male and female members. In CO-REC competition, there must be at least two females on the playing surface at all times. In SINGLE GENDER, only members of that gender may participate. There are NO exceptions to these rules. 

Can I play on more than one team?

A participant can be a member of more than one team in an activity if the teams are in different divisions. For example, a person may play soccer on an open team and a co-rec team. A-League is considered the same division as open.

When / where are sign ups?

Each activity has specific sign up deadlines. A sheet with the deadline dates will be on display outside the Intramural Office. 

Who is the captain?

The team captain is the official team representative. He or she must maintain control of the team by assisting the IM Staff in such matters as team behavior, rosters, accurate eligibility, and knowledge of the rules. The captain is required to attend a mandatory captain's meeting before the season begins and needs to monitor the IM Hotline for scheduling information. 

What are captain's meetings?

Before the start of regular season play, there is a mandatory captain's meeting for each sport. The team captain or representative is REQUIRED to attend the captain's meeting to learn the policies/procedures of that particular activity and voice their input about when they will play and rules. Dates for all captain's meetings will be posted outside the Intramural Sports Office during sign-ups. 

What do IM Champions win?

Championship Teams win the pride of being Intramural Champions and each team member also receives a coveted UR Intramural Champion T-shirt. 

Does the Intramural Sports program provide job opportunities?

The Intramural Sports Office employs students as office personnel and sport supervisors. Not only is it a way to earn money, but employees have gained valuable sport management experience by engaging in the organizational side of the program. Contact Joe Reina, 275-6027 to learn more about employment opportunities with the Intramural Sports Program.