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NOTICE: Towels are now available, but it is recommended that you bring your own throughout construction season.
2018 Summer Hours are now in effect. Click here for hours for fitness center and aquatic center.

Group Fitness Classes

The Department of Athletics and Recreation sponsors group fitness classes every semester through the Intramural Sports Program. We offer a variety of aerobic and conditioning classes.

The classes are free for all full-time matriculated students and R Club members.

All classes are held in the Leibner Room in the Goergen Athletic Center. Classes are offered throughout the academic year, except during University holidays.

Please wear appropriate and comfortable attire. If you attend a yoga class, you are encouraged to bring your own mat; however, a limited number of mats may be available to use.

Group Fitness Schedule of Classes

Fall 2018

Classes run August 29-December 12.
There are no classes 9/3, 10/14-16, 11/21-25

Day Time Class Instructor
TBA 5:30–6:25 p.m. TBA
TBA 6:30–7:25 p.m. TBA
TBA 5:30–6:25 p.m. TBA
TBA 5:30–6:25 p.m. TBA
TBA 6:30–7:25 p.m. TBA
TBA 6:00–7:25 p.m. TBA
TBA 5:30–6:25 p.m. TBA
TBA 6:30–7:25 p.m. TBA

Fitness Instructors

Margaret Youngman –

Colleen Mehan –

Ainsley Reynolds –

Erika Pinkerton – 

Catherine Yao – 

Class Descriptions

Abs of Steel—This class combines Pilates and traditional workout moves for high-intensity strength and endurance building. The focus will be on core, but total body will be involved. Moves will target upper and lower abdominals, obliques, and hip flexors. A strong core not only looks impressive, but also helps relieve back pain, improves posture, and decreases chance of injury.

Zumba—Zumba is a fun dance/fitness phenomenon enjoyed by men and women of all ages. You will love the combination of dance and exercise together. Zumba is all about great music and easy-to-follow moves. While the program is based on international rhythms, especially Latin, all kinds of music are incorporated. No dance experience needed. We just move and have FUN! Ditch the workout and join the party!

Iyengar Yoga—This class focuses on muscular-skeletal alignment in each of the postures. We practice arm balances, standing and supine postures, as well as inversions. We devote about 20 minutes of each class to pranayama (breath control) and meditation. This class is formatted for the beginner as well as intermediate student.

Pilates—This class is a mind-body exercise program that helps develop core body strength, flexibility, muscular endurance, balance, and good posture—all keys to a healthy body. This program is effective for all fitness levels regardless of age, weight, or ability. Because of the focused attention spent on developing muscle efficiency and body awareness through research-based exercises, you will leave Pilates class with a healthier back and calmer mind than when you arrived. Grab a yoga mat and come on over for a toned body and energized outlook!

R.I.P.P.E.D.—This class is the one-stop body shock, total body workout for people of all fitness levels. The class structure follows its acronym: resistance, interval, power, plyometrics, endurance, and diet. By using free weights, resistance, and body weight, the class covers strength and cardio workouts designed to stimulate different muscle groups and energy systems, changing the focus every six to nine minutes.