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Advising Handbook

Degree Complete

December Degree Dates

Seniors who complete their degree requirements by the end of the fall semester are eligible to receive their degrees dated December 31. Their diploma will be conferred in May at the subsequent Arts, Sciences and Engineering Commencement ceremony.

Degree Complete Status

Seniors who plan to complete their studies in the fall remain classified in their original class year and should not request reclassification. Instead, they should declare “degree complete” status on a Change of Status Form for the spring semester so that they will receive information about commencement activities for the upcoming May Commencement ceremony.

No fee is charged for this status, but it is essential for students who wish to graduate in seven semesters to consult with an advisor in the College Center for Advising Services (CCAS) to confirm that they will meet all degree requirements as well as the College’s enrollment policy.

The diploma is not awarded until commencement in May and then only if all financial obligations have been met. Latin Honors, if applicable, are based on the criteria for the senior class established in the upcoming spring semester. The student’s transcript will indicate that degree requirements were completed in December.

Students who declare degree complete status at the end of the fall semester are eligible to begin a graduate program at the University of Rochester during the upcoming spring semester. Students who plan to do so, should be aware of the College’s transfer credit policies, as well as individual program requirements concerning graduate classes completed prior to matriculation in a graduate program.  

Students who declare degree complete status should consult with their financial aid counselor regarding the repayment of any student loans.

Unfinished Requirements

Students who declared “degree complete” status for the spring semester but did not finish their requirements in the fall as planned should meet with an advisor in CCAS to discuss options for the spring semester. These options will differ depending on what and how students complete the final requirements:

  • If a student needs to finish incomplete coursework, or plans to register for additional classes at another college, the student will be converted to “degree pending status” for the spring.
  • If a student needs to register for additional classes at the University of Rochester in the spring, they should discuss these plans with an advisor who will then contact the Registrar’s Office to arrange for registration to take place.

Students who complete their degree requirements by the May Commencement ceremony will be eligible to receive their diploma at that time. Students who do not complete in May should be aware that the next conferral date for the degree will be August 31.