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Disabilities Manual

Introduction | Specific Types of Disabilities | Documentation Requirements | How is Documentation Reviewed? | Requests for Further Review | Letter to Faculty Form | Typical Accommodation Requests | Confidentiality | Campus Resources | Other Local Disability Resource Coordinators | Disabilities and the Law | The University of Rochester’s Policy

Requests for Further Review

If a student is dissatisfied with a decision concerning accommodations, both informal and formal processes are available to request further review. The initial review consists of an informal review of all relevant materials by the local access coordinator, in consultation with appropriate committees. The purpose of this local review is to mediate and resolve differences.

If a student is dissatisfied with the decision made at the informal level, the student may formally request that the decision be reviewed by the dean of the school or by his or her designee. The dean may request a report and recommendations from the University disability resource coordinator and, when appropriate, the eligibility assessment team. A final appeal may be made to the provost, who may accept or reject the appeal or, at his or her discretion, assign it to a designee.