Find a Tutor

Schedule a Tutoring Appointment

Students wishing to participate in tutoring must complete a short introduction to learn about tutoring services and expectations prior to making an appointment.

Step 1: Log into your Blackboard account.

Step 2: Click on the "Services" tab at the upper right-hand corner and locate/click on the “Academics tab”. Locate/click on the "Need a Tutor?" link.

Step 3: Self-enroll in the " The Learning Center (TLC) Tutoring Access" course.

Step 4: Once enrolled, look for "The Learning Center (TLC) Tutoring Access" under "My Organizations" on the main page.

Step 5: Complete the four modules in this course and follow the directions in the last module to schedule your first appointment.

If you would like more information on academic resources, how tutoring works, how to use the scheduling system, or have any issues with this Blackboard introduction, please set up an appointment with the tutoring coordinator at the Learning Center. You can stop by the Tutoring Zone front desk or email

Courses Covered

Most of our tutoring is for 100-level STEM courses, including (but not limited to):

  • CHEM 131/132
  • CHEM 203/204
  • PHYS 113
  • PHYS 121
  • PHYS 122
  • BIOL 110-113
  • BIOL 198
  • MATH 140/160
  • MATH 150
  • CSC 161
  • CSC 171

You can view our full course listings on the semester schedule on WC Online. Complete the modules to access.

If we do not have tutoring available for the course you want, you should speak to your professor about any options or referrals he or she may have. Also, please get in touch with Learning Center tutoring (email: so we can try to find additional resources for that course.

Cancel an Appointment

Please cancel your appointment online and be sure to get in touch with your tutor. No-shows are counted against you and we have a “three strikes and you’re out” policy for missed appointment

Prepare for a Tutoring Session

  • Bring all academic support materials to each tutoring session (textbook, notes, homework, pen/pencil, etc.)
  • Do as much of the homework or assignment as possible before the session
  • Come in with questions