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Disabilities Manual

Introduction | Specific Types of Disabilities | Documentation Requirements | How is Documentation Reviewed? | Requests for Further Review | Letter to Faculty Form | Typical Accommodation Requests | Confidentiality | Campus Resources | Other Local Disability Resource Coordinators | Disabilities and the Law | The University of Rochester’s Policy

Letter to Faculty Form

Students meet with their access coordinator to review their personal accommodation letters. This letter lists the student’s in-class accommodations (i.e., extended time, alternate text location, note taker, FM system, etc.). If students wish to inform any or all of their instructors about these accommodations, they should download the Letter to Faculty Form as a PDF and return it to Alternatively, the Letter to Faculty form can be obtained at CETL in 1-154 Dewey Hall.

The Letter to Faculty form must be completed each semester in which a student wishes to inform his or her instructors.