Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning

Disabilities Manual

Introduction | Specific Types of Disabilities | Documentation Requirements | How is Documentation Reviewed? | Requests for Further Review | Letter to Faculty Form | Typical Accommodation Requests | Confidentiality | Campus Resources | Other Local Disability Resource Coordinators | Disabilities and the Law | The University of Rochester’s Policy

Specific Types of Disabilities

Disabilities are described in a number of ways, depending on the perspective and the purpose of the analysis. Provided below are a few examples:

It is worth noting that the experience of dealing with any disability may have serious consequences for self-esteem and confidence. In turn, students’ ability to initiate and maintain positive relationships with faculty members, staff, and other students may be affected. As with all students at this university, individuals displaying these concerns are unique and have individual needs. Thus, a one-size-fits-all approach for these situations is not recommended. The staff in the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning is ready to assist instructors, students, and staff with these matters.