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Office of Counsel
University of Rochester
263 Wallis Hall
Rochester, NY 14627-0040

University/River Campus
Phone: 585-273-2167
Fax: 585-276-0369

Medical Center
P.O. Box 278979
Rochester, NY 14627-8979
Phone: 585-758-7600
Fax: 585-272-9311

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Attorney Directory

Please feel free to contact any of the staff in the Office of Counsel. Their contact information and primary areas of responsibility are listed in the Attorney Directory. If you are unsure which staff member to contact:

For River Campus and University matters: Gail M. Norris

For Medical Center matters: Christine Burke

Gail M. Norris
Vice President and General Counsel
Overall responsibility for supervision of Office of Counsel, advises the Board of Trustees, the President and other senior leaders regarding legal issues and policy.
Gail Norris’s areas of expertise:

Christine Burke
Associate Vice-President and General Counsel to Medical Center
Day in and day out supervision of Medical Center attorneys including assignment of work; gives guidance and direction regarding matters handled by Medical Center attorney’s, in consultation with the Vice-President and General Counsel, advises Medical Center senior leadership on Medical Center legal issues.
Christine Burke’s areas of expertise:

Edward Case
Senior Counsel for Compliance and Reimbursement
Edward (Ted) Case’s areas of expertise:

Diane Caselli
Senior Counsel for Health System Corporate Matters
Diane Caselli’s areas of expertise:

Richard S. Crummins
Senior Counsel for River Campus Legal Issues
Richard (Rick) Crummins’ areas of expertise:

Deirdre Flynn
Senior Counsel for Litigation and Risk Management
Deirdre Flynn’s areas of expertise:

Eileen Holloway
Senior Counsel for Medical Center Contracting
Eileen Holloway’s areas of expertise:

Cary M. Jensen
Director of International Relations
Cary Jensen’s areas of expertise:

Catherine C. Nearpass
Associate Counsel for Employment and Labor Relations Issues
Catherine Nearpass’s areas of expertise:

Louis Parker
Senior Counsel for Contracting
Louis Parker's areas of expertise:

Aileen Shinaman
Senior Counsel for health care regulatory matters
Aileen Shinaman's areas of expertise:

Spencer Studwell
Director and Associate General Counsel for Risk Management
Spencer (Spence) Studwell’s areas of expertise:

Laura Wilson
Senior Counsel for Patient Management
Laura Wilson’s areas of expertise:

Susan Wormer
Senior Counsel for Employment and Labor Relations Issues
Susan Wormer’s areas of expertise:

Mark R. Wright
Senior Counsel for Research, Technology Transfer & Other Transactions
Mark Wright’s areas of expertise: