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Office of Counsel
University of Rochester
263 Wallis Hall
Rochester, NY 14627-0040

University/River Campus
Phone: 585-273-2167
Fax: 585-276-0369

Medical Center
P.O. Box 278979
Rochester, NY 14627-8979
Phone: 585-758-7600
Fax: 585-272-9311

Integrity Hotline
University Intercessor

Office of Counsel

Attorney Directory & Contact Information

Please feel free to contact any of the staff in the Office of Counsel. Their contact information and primary areas of responsibility are listed in the Attorney Directory. If you are unsure which staff member to contact:

For River Campus and University matters:
Gail M. Norris
Vice President and General Counsel

For Medical Center matters:
Christine Burke
Associate Vice-President and General Counsel to Medical Center

Attorney Directory

Allied Professional Staff