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Office of Counsel

Office of Counsel

Welcome to the Office of Counsel website.   The Office of Counsel provides in-house legal services to the University of Rochester, including all its schools and divisions, the Medical Center, and University affiliates and related entities.

The Office of Counsel oversees all aspects of the University’s legal services.    It is solely responsible for selecting and retaining outside counsel and determining when outside counsel is needed to represent the University. 

Office of Counsel manages all litigation and other legal proceedings on behalf of the University and its employees.   Attorneys seeking to discuss legal matters concerning the University should contact the Office of Counsel and should not directly contact University or Affiliate employees about University legal matters.

Only University-related matters are handled by Office of Counsel. If an attorney is needed by a faculty or staff member for a personal matter, we recommend utilizing the New York State Bar Association’s free referral service (1-800-3661).

We welcome feedback on our website. Please email Christine Burke ( and/or Gail Norris (

Gail M. Norris
Vice President and General Counsel