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September-October 2009
Vol. 72, No. 1

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Quotes Rochester in the News

“Symptoms are a great guide in running. Common sense is a good barometer of when something is wrong and professional help is needed.” —Judith Baumhauer, a professor of orthopaedics, talking with ABC News on measures people can take to prevent running injuries.

Chronicle of Higher Education

“When you come in, the furniture is in different places day to day. You can see by where [students] drag the furniture what [the designers] got right and got wrong.”—Susan Gibbons, the Janet Dayton Neilly Dean of River Campus Libraries, talking about how students use the Gleason Library, a one-year-old space in Rush Rhees Library that students helped design.

Fox News

“There are no data to say that the population is healthier. Indeed, the suicide rate in the middle years of life has been climbing.”—Eric Caine, the John Romano Professor of Psychiatry and a professor of neurology, commenting on a study indicating that the use of antidepressant drugs in the United States doubled between 1996 and 2005.


“All of those nitty-gritty elements of actually vaccinating people, my understanding is, are typically not in place in many obstetrical offices. And that’s kind of a barrier to vaccination.”—John Treanor, a professor of medicine and of microbiology and immunology, discussing obstacles to providing flu vaccinations to pregnant women.

Washington Post

“He is the only baseball broadcaster I’ve ever known who actually does a simulcast, and it’s not even remotely evident to either audience—radio or television.”—Curt Smith, a senior lecturer in the Department of English, discussing his book, Pull Up a Chair: The Vin Scully Story, a biography of the noted sports broadcaster.

Chicago Tribune

“Patients initially judge doctors on the basis of superficial demographics such as age, sex, and similarity to oneself. Later we tend to connect on the basis of personality, a deeper level. The better the communication, the less those superficial differences seem to matter.”—Ronald Epstein, a professor of family medicine and psychiatry, weighing in on a debate about how patients respond to obesity in health care workers.

New York Times

“Our measurements show that the treated filament becomes twice as bright with the same power consumption.”—Chunlei Guo, an associate professor of optics, describing the results of his research using lasers to blast a tungsten filament’s surface, creating a more energy-efficient incandescent light bulb.

“On a month scale, temperature fluctuations could have strong effects on the immune system.”—Jacques Robert, a professor of microbiology and immunology, commenting on a study exploring the connections between climate, frog populations, and the growth of a fungus that’s deadly to amphibians.