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September-October 2009
Vol. 72, No. 1

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Letters to the Editor

‘Twitter’ Redefined

Your reference to “Twittering” in the story “Wish You Were Here” by Karen McCally (July-August) brought back fond memories. I was a University School student at the Prince Street Campus in the late 1940s. The librarian in Sibley (how I loved that library!) had a sign on her counter urging quiet, nay, silence, which said, “All that twitters is not golden!”

William Lindquist ’51
Ontario, N.Y.

Mind and Body Combined

Wendy Schlessel Harpham ’80M (MD) summarized her mind-body experience (“Treating Body and Mind,” Alumni Gazette, July-August) in the following way: “[Visualization] does help patients—psychologically and emotionally—get through effective treatments. . . . guided imagery can help patients use the power of the mind in healing ways.”

I would agree. After being introduced to imagery in a women’s group, I had occasions to use it twice for minor surgeries. Both times, by pretending to be at the beach while waiting, the anesthetist said I would not need preliminary medications and asked what I was doing, as he’d never seen a calmer patient.

My brother and I also found guided imagery very comforting when he was in hospice. Together, we remembered hiking in the familiar areas of our childhood, verbalizing as well to enhance the realism.

We should hope more attention can be given to this essay by all clinicians.

Mary Casbeer ’53N

An Error Dectected

I was appalled to see at this late date further proof of C. P. Snow’s thesis as presented in his Two Cultures demonstrated in the tribute to the late Henry Fulbright, a professor emeritus in the Department of Physics (July-August). The cyclotron, in the bowels of the physics building—that I was thrilled to visit and even occasionally help the late James Rouvina ’46, ’50 (PhD) with its maintenance—was a particle accelerator, not detector.

An added note about Bruce Lansdale ’46 (In Memoriam, May-June): I remember him from Monroe High School. He was very active even then.

Owen Gailar ’46
Eureka, Calif.

A Plaudit Accepted

I just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the July-August issue. I am not sure if your approach has changed or if I am just now able to take more time to enjoy Review, but I was impressed especially by the attention to the lives and achievements of individual faculty, alumni, and students. The issue also reflected a sense of warmth and caring, exemplified by Joel Seligman’s article about Bradford Berk (President’s Page). It makes me proud to be an alum.

Keep up the good work.

Mike Plaut ’69 (PhD)
Surf City, N.C.


An item noting a 2009 Juno Award nomination in the special section of student and faculty awards that appeared in the July-August issue referred to the wrong composition. Manhattan Music, by Bramwell Tovey, the title composition of the 2008 album by Canadian Brass and the Eastman Wind Ensemble, with Mark Davis Scatterday, chair and professor of conducting and ensembles, was nominated for classical composition of the year in the annual Canadian music awards.

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