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Undergraduate Registration

Below is information about:

How to Register for Classes

Undergraduate students should register for classes during the registration period. Students wishing to register after the registration period has ended should see an advisor in the College Center for Advising Services (CCAS).

Students registering online are not required to submit a registration form. See the registration instructions page for more information about registering for classes online.

Browser Issues

There are some browser specific issues that may prevent or interfere with your ability to use online registration. If you are getting a message stating that your 'Session has expired' you will need to clear your browser cache. Please see your browser’s documentation for instructions. Switching to another browser may resolve the issue.

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Prerequisite Courses

Be sure to check the course descriptions for prerequisites required. Instructors who include this restriction believe it is essential to have completed the prerequisites before enrolling.

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Signatures, Permissions, and Restrictions

When a course is closed you will need to get permission from the instructor in order to register. Students registering online should talk to the instructor to get a permission code if the course carries a restriction.

Students must get the dean’s approval through CCAS if they wish to register for graduate courses (400- or 500-level) or independent studies (390, 391, 392, 393, 394, 395).

All undergraduates who want to repeat a course for a grade need to get the dean’s approval through CCAS.

All first-year students and sophomores who have not been officially accepted into a major need to meet with their pre-major advisors before they register.

All undergraduates in the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences must get permission from their department before registering for classes.


A—Instructor’s permission required
B—Not open to first-year students and sophomores
C—Permission of instructor required for first-year students
D—Open only to senior majors or by permission of instructor department
E—Not open to first-year students
F—Open only to RNs 
G—Special application required
H—Instructor’s permission required for undergraduates
I—Open only to matriculated students 
J—Permission of school dean required 
K—Open only to first-year students and sophomores 
L—Instructor’s permission required except for students matriculated in offering school
M—Open only to junior and senior majors of the offering department
N—Must register at the Simon Business School 
O—Departmental permission required
P—Open to first-year students only
Q—Open only to graduate students in offering
R—Permission of part-time studies required
S—Resident of Special Living Center only
T—Not open to seniors
U—Permission of offering school required
V—Permission of Eastman School of Music director of academic affairs required
W—Juniors and seniors need signature of instructor
X—Instructor’s permission for first-year students and sophomore
Y—Open only to River Campus students
Z—Open only to Eastman School of Music students 
3—Open to majors only
4—Open to primary instrument

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Underloads and Overloads

Underload (less than 14 credit hours) and overload (more than 19 credit hours) programs for undergraduates must be approved by the Dean’s Office through CCAS.

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Auditing a Course

Students who want to audit courses can still register online for the course. When auditing a class, a student may participate in class sessions and coursework, earning neither a grade nor credit toward a degree. Matriculated full-time undergraduate students can audit at no extra cost.

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Bursar Hold Information

University policy requires that students be current in payment of all tuition and fees prior to registration for each academic term. Students who have a past due balance at the time of registration will not be permitted to register for the next term. University policy also requires all students to submit a signed payment agreement prior to registration.

If you have a past due balance, you can settle your account with the Bursar’s Office. You will need financial clearance to register for the next term’s courses. All prior year balances must be paid in full before the start of the next academic year.

Students whose past due balance is $5,000 or greater, or who submit a check that is returned by the bank, are subject to cancellation of registration for the current semester and withdrawal from the University unless acceptable arrangements are promptly made.

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Independent Study Courses and Internships

You can add independent study courses and internships any time before the end of the third full week of classes, but be sure to leave enough time for the entire approval process and enough leeway to substitute another course if you do not receive approval.

How to register for an independent study:

  1. Plan the course with a full-time instructor who will work with you and evaluate your work at the end of the semester
  2. Submit the online Independent Study Form (instructions)

Questions will be handled by mail or email. Receipt of the student’s copy by mail is confirmation that the study is approved.

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Drop/Add Procedures

Before completing a drop/add, be sure to understand the rules and deadlines for adding and dropping courses. Undergraduates can drop/add online until the end of the first week of classes. First-year students and sophomores are required to meet with their advisor to have the advisor hold lifted before completing a drop or add online.

Beginning in the second week of classes, all adds must be submitted on a drop/add form and signed by the instructor of the added course.

Drops should also be listed on the form, although a signature is not required. First-year students, sophomores, and all Hajim School students need to include their advisor’s signature.

To complete a Drop/Add Form, include the following information:

  • Your name and student ID number correctly recorded
  • All necessary restrictions met
  • All required signatures obtained

Submit the completed form to the Academic Services Counter in 312 Lattimore Hall. Keep the student portion of the Drop/Add Form for your records.

Note: All Hajim School students also need a faculty advisor signature and department stamp on their Drop/Add Form. Submit your signed Drop/Add Form to the Hajim dean’s office in 301 Lattimore Hall.

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Registration for Graduate Students and Other Schools

All master’s students will be considered full-time students if they register for at least 12 hours of credit for the semester, or if they register for at least nine hours of credit for any semester during which clinical contact hours or a lab component are required.

Before adding or dropping a course, be sure you understand the rules, deadlines, and implications.

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Registration for Non-Matriculated Students

If you are participating in the Rochester Area Colleges (RAC) Inter-Institutional program, DO NOT register as a non-matriculated student. You MUST follow the RAC registration procedures.

For Arts, Sciences, and Engineering

If this is the first term you are registering for courses at the University of Rochester, you must fill out an online application for non-matriculated students. This application allows you to submit personal information to the University and is necessary in order to set up your student online accounts.

Once the online application is completed, you will be prompted to set up a NetID and password, which will allow you access to the online registration system where you can register for courses.

If you are a returning student, then you can proceed to the online registration system to register for courses once registration opens for the term.

See the registration schedule for a list of dates. You will not be able to register for courses until the listed date. See the registration instructions for more information about using the online system.

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Rochester Area Colleges (RAC) – Inter-Institutional Registration Procedures

The Inter-Institutional Undergraduate Student Enrollment Form can be used only when the following circumstances occur:

  • The requested course is NOT available at the home school.
  • The student is a full-time undergraduate student at his or her home school throughout the duration of the requested course. A full-time student is defined as a matriculated student carrying no less than 12 credit hours.
  • The course is applicable toward the student’s undergraduate degree program.
  • The course is not a summer course.
  • The student is an undergraduate.
  • The course is not graduate-level or at the School of Nursing.

Registration for inter-institutional courses is on a space-available basis. Students are governed by the academic policies of the institution visited with regard to course requirements, withdrawal policies, etc.

Consult with your dean or registrar regarding the policies of transfer credit and inclusion of quality points. The fees associated with the course(s) may be charged. Please be prepared to pay these fees at the time of registration.

Registration instructions:

  • Download the Inter-Institutional Registration Form. This form is an interactive PDF allowing you to fill in the various fields online.
  • Obtain approval signatures in the order indicated. All signatures are required for each course selected.
  • Proceed to the visiting school’s website and follow the registration procedures of that institution.
  • Submit the completed form (original) to the Registrar's Office of the visiting school by the end of the drop/add period.
  • A copy will be forwarded to the home school to complete the registration.
  • Students must sign this form in order to have an official transcript forwarded to the home school.

To drop an intercollegiate course that you are registered for, you must notify the registrar of your home and visiting school and follow the procedures outlined by the visiting school for dropping or withdrawing from a course.

Please note that participating colleges have different ending dates for their semester or quarter. Grades, therefore, may not be available prior to a student’s commencement date and may delay graduation. Prior to enrolling, graduating students are advised to review this issue with appropriate officials at their home institution.

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Language Course Waitlist

If a language course is closed and you want to be added to the waitlist, you can sign up for the waiting list online.

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