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Upperclassmen Housing

Summer Housing

During each summer, the University of Rochester welcomes students to live in our residence halls if they are taking classes, working on campus, or participating in a sponsored program. Living in Rochester’s residence halls provides a safe, comfortable, and convenient place while you are attending classes, completing internships, and or working for the College.

Summer Housing Application

Students who want to live on campus over the summer must complete and submit a summer housing application.

Please note:

  • Information regarding summer housing is updated after spring break.
  • Applicants for sponsored programs have a separate housing application, be sure to use the right one.
  • Linen and storage facilities are not provided.

Locations and Checking In

Summer housing will be located in Susan B. Anthony Residence Halls (SBA). The Summer Service Desk will be located in SBA Halls. When checking in, come to SBA Hall with your University ID Card or other form of identification. The Service Desk will assist students who wish to check in, check out, and return their summer room keys. See the summer housing calendar for a complete list of important dates. 


Most students will be housed in double occupancy rooms. If you know someone whom you want to room with, speak with this person, and then mutually request each other on the summer housing application.


The University is not responsible for your personal property. Consider obtaining renter's insurance or speaking with a parent/guardian regarding coverage for your personal property.

Sponsored Program Information

Administrators, please use this Participant Registration Form when submitting lists.

More Information

If you have any questions regarding summer housing, please see our fact sheets page or email us at For information about summer academic programs please visit the Summer Sessions website.