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Screening Technologies

As part of the Technical Entrepreneurship and Management program, we complete a course entitled TEM 440: Screening Technologies, taught by Mark Wilson. It focuses on the assessment of whether or not technologies have desirable commercial attributes and should be taken to market. First, we look at all of the technologies that are patented (provisional, pending,… Read more »

HemoBox Team

Being a Part of the NYC Swing

Weekend trips are a great way to travel and visit new places you might have always wanted to see, while at the same time staying relatively close to home and campus so as to quickly get back to studying without the hassle of flight connections, passports, jet lag and excess baggage fees. Just grab a… Read more »

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Let the Job Search Begin

Just a few weeks ago, I gave my father a call to tell him something that I was super excited about. As he answered the phone, I blurted out “Today is the first day of the rest of my life. Today is the day that I officially began my job search.” You may now be… Read more »


Accounting in Autumn

Autumn has arrived, and we finally managed to finish the first part of our accounting and financing class. The class is aimed at helping students understand and productively use the principles of finance and accounting in order to better structure business decisions. Professor Heidi Tribunella taught us “The accounting model presents skills required to interpret… Read more »

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Just Like in the Movies

Just like in movies…   I think that is the best way to summarize my experience so far, since the very first moment I stepped foot onto the University of Rochester campus.   Things I had seen all through my childhood on television suddenly became real experiences I was able to witness and feel with… Read more »


No Longer an Undergrad

As I sit outside Starbucks in Wilson Commons and reflect on the past few weeks, I am filled with a mix of emotions. In May 2014, just a few months ago, I graduated from the University of Rochester with my Bachelor of Science degree in Biomedical Engineering. I truly loved my undergraduate experience at the… Read more »


Reminiscing of a Rochester Summer

Hello again! I spent this past summer in Rochester, even though I used to think that staying here for the whole summer might not be a wise choice. After all, it is not exactly New York City, which has a lot of entertainment and interesting places to go. However, I was completely wrong this time…. Read more »

Rochester Summer

Just the Beginning of My TEAM Story

Do you value rigorous programs in both engineering and business? Do you value an interdisciplinary program rather than a traditional master’s program? Do you value experience in entrepreneurial management?   These aspects drew my attention to the TEAM program and ended up being the reasons I finally enrolled in this program. As time goes on… Read more »

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Career Pursuits

A post by Stephen Zhang, TEAM Class of 2014

Some TEAM students at a Career Lunch

A Final Project

A post by Shaival Desai, TEAM Class of 2014

PSW 2013 Team #4 Excell Challenge Awardees[1]


A post by Levon Whyte, TEAM Class of 2013


Welcoming the Class of 2014

A few weeks ago we welcomed 24 students to Rochester, NY as part of the TEAM Class of 2014.


Welcome to TEAM!

Welcome to the Master of Science in Technical Entrepreneurship and Management (TEAM) Blog

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