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  • Family Care
    Array of services from child and elder care to dual career assistance.
  • Health and Wellness
    Resources, such as nutrition plans, fitness options, and stress management to maintain an active, healthy lifestyle.
  • Perks, Services and Discounts
    Employee benefits and discounts on area products and services, transportation options, and University perks.
  • Living in Rochester
    Get involved in the community and make connections at the UR and in Rochester.
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Work-Life Balance

The University of Rochester is dedicated to providing our employees with top-notch family care as part of our extensive benefits package. By offering diverse programs, support, and resources to our employees and their families, we strive to support a healthy work-life balance. Our website offers information about University resources related to family care, health and wellness, discounts and living in Rochester

Family Care

Health and Wellness

New Parents and Maternity Leave

Child Care

Dual Career Assistance
(Faculty Only)
Elder Care

University Resources

Living in Rochester

Perks, Services and Discounts

Rochester, NY
Affinity Groups
New Faculty and Staff
Cultural Activities

Discounts and Perks



Spotlight on FAQS
Find out answers to common family care and FMLA questions.

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