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Crisis Procedures

When a student is in crisis and you become aware of this information during normal business hours (Monday–Friday, 9 a.m.–5 p.m.), please contact Public Safety and notify the Office of the Dean of Students at (585) 275-4085.

When a student is in crisis and you become aware of this information outside of normal business hours, please refer to the following procedure:

1. Identify the situation as a crisis.

  • The student discloses that he or she is suicidal or may cause harm to him or herself.
  • The student discloses that he or she is homicidal or may cause harm to someone else.
  • The student is in pain and needs assistance immediately.
  • The student has experienced a loss of contact with reality.
  • Any situation in which you believe it would be in the student’s best interest to react immediately.

2. Gather as much information as possible.

  • Locate concerning emails, phone notes, and information from people who know the student.
  • Identify the student’s location, phone number, or other identifying information.
  • Is there anyone with the student currently? Can anyone respond or assist immediately?

3. Tell the student how you are planning to respond.

  • Let the student know how you will be responding to his or her crisis, so he or she knows what to expect and can potentially assist with response efforts.

4. Respond.

  • Review the list of crisis contacts below.

5. Notify appropriate campus officials.

  • Each office should discuss appropriate response protocol prior to a crisis occurring. Common crisis response protocols include:
      • Enacting office phone trees
      • Previously establishing a crisis contact person
      • Determining expected reporting procedures
      • Creating a checklist of people who should be notified in a crisis
  • Consider including the Office of the Dean of Students (specifically The CARE Network) in your follow-up procedures: or (585) 275-4085.

Crisis Contacts

Alternatives for Battered Women: (585) 232-7353

Center for Youth (emergency shelter services, etc.): (585) 271-7670 or 886-617-5437

UR Public Safety: (585) 275-3333 or x13 or *413 from Verizon or ATT cell phones

Life Line (suicide hotline): (585) 275-5151 or (585) 275-2700 TTY

Rape Crisis: (585) 546-2777

Rochester Police Department: 911

UCC 24-hour consultations: (585) 275-3113, UCC Crisis Website