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Study Abroad

Studying abroad is a wonderful opportunity that we hope all students take advantage of. The key to pursuing an interest in the health professions and studying abroad is to familiarize yourself with the application process and deadlines before you go abroad. Planning in advance is key. Please be advised that you are expected to adhere to all listed deadlines. Most Rochester students who go abroad do so during the junior or senior year.

Important considerations to address when considering studying abroad with an interest in the health professions:

  • If you plan to enter professional school the September after graduation, you must take the necessary standardized admissions test(s) no later than July before your senior year.
  • The application process always begins in the spring semester approximately 17 months before you wish to begin your health professions program. This is the time when you will learn about the application process, make a list of places to apply to, and solicit letters of recommendation.
  • The health professions interview season runs from late summer to late spring. You may contact schools to request interviews for the time(s) when you will be back in the States, but there's no guarantee that your requests will be honored.

There are alternatives. Summer study abroad programs are one option, and study abroad for just the fall semester of your junior year is another. You might also consider delaying your application to professional school by one year, particularly if you hope to spend a full academic year abroad. Once again, the choice is yours. Many students have been able to balance study abroad with a successful application to a health professions graduate school.