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International Students

Health Professional Schools in the United States treat the applicants of international students differently from those of U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

Potential medical school applicants

Allopathic medical schools (leading to the MD) are particularly restrictive because the vast majoring of medical students in the U.S. fund their education with U.S. government subsidized loans. In 2008, less than 1% of students matriculated at U.S. allopathic schools were international students. Many schools do not admit any international students. The few that do accept international students will expect those applicants to be exceptional and be able to prove their ability to pay for their education in advance of matriculation. For more information on the prospects of studying at a U.S. medical school as an international student, or pursuing a career in the U.S. as a physician, talk with one of the career advisers.

Document provided by AAMC - Please see link below:
How Do I... Apply as an International Applicant?

Document provided by UCLA - Please see link below:
Statistics on International Applicants, 2011-12

Potential dental school applicants

Some dental schools welcome applications from international students, while others are as restrictive as medical schools. But in general, the prospects are a little better, as approximately 7% of students studying at U.S. dental schools in 2007 were international students. Do be aware that, as with medical schools, international dental school applicants may be required to place sufficient funds to pay for some or all of their education in an escrow account prior to matriculation.