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Summer Courses

Health Professions schools evaluate courses taken in the summer in a variety of different ways. Most professional schools prefer that applicants complete as many of the required courses as possible at their "home" colleges during their regular academic years. While career advisers cannot guarantee how summer courses will be understood, we can offer guidelines to assist you in making decisions.

  • Professional schools prefer to have pre-professional course requirements taken at a four-year institution.
  • Before you register for a summer course at another college, check with an HP adviser. In addition, consult with the appropriate departmental adviser if the course is required for your major or minor.
  • Taking courses over the summer seem most appropriate for:
    • Students who drop or withdraw from courses during the academic year due to illness or other personal emergency.
    • Engineering students who cannot complete all of their pre-health requirements during the academic year.
    • Students who would otherwise have difficulty in graduating on time because they are pursuing ambitious programs such as a double-degree program (BA & BS).
    • Students who have come to their health professions interest later in their undergraduate career.