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Academic Honesty

The Board on Academic Honesty

The Academic Honesty Policy is administered, and alleged violations are reviewed, by the College Board on Academic Honesty. Faculty members are appointed to the board by the Dean of the College. Graduate student members are selected by the AS&E Dean of Graduate Studies. For questions about undergraduate student involvement in hearing panels, please contact the All-Campus Judicial Council.

Board Chair (through 6/30/2018):
Professor Beth Jorgensen
(585) 275-4265

Board Chair (starting 7/1/2018):
Professor Elaine A. Sia
(585) 275-9275

Board Secretary:

Contact the board confidentially—send a letter via any campus mail drop to: 

Through 6/30/2018:
Beth Jorgensen 
Department of Modern Languages and Cultures
RC Box 270082

Starting 7/1/2018:
Elaine A. Sia
Department of Biology
RC Box 270211

Or use our secure online report form:
Academic Honesty Concern Report


The Academic Honesty Liaison offers confidential counseling about how the academic honesty process works and provides academic honesty educational outreach to the Arts, Sciences & Engineering community.

Academic Honesty Liaison:
Rachel Remmel
(585) 276-8334