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Academic Honesty Liaison

The academic honesty liaison provides educational outreach to the Arts, Sciences and Engineering (AS&E) community, makes policy recommendations to AS&E’s governing bodies and administrators, and offers confidential counseling to students and faculty about how the academic honesty process works.  

For students, the academic honesty liaison is the best first point of contact for confidential advising on:

  • How the academic honesty process works/what to expect
  • What the policy says about their responsibility as a student
  • What the policy says about their instructors’ responsibilities
  • How to draft case file, hearing, and/or appeals statements
  • How to educate & protect themselves from future accusations
  • Questions such as, should I sign/accept an instructor resolution with penalty form or a warning letter if my instructor has offered one? 

For faculty and staff, the honesty liaison can provide confidential advising and help clarify topics such as: what the academic honesty policy says about their responsibilities; whether a penalty they are considering offering aligns with the policy; what to do and how to talk with students they suspect of having violated the policy; how to administer honor pledges, develop course-specific honesty guidelines, design assignments that encourage honest completion of work; and so on.

Academic Honesty Liaison
Greer Murphy 
(585) 276-8334* 
To schedule an appointment, please visit:

*If not available, please contact the AS&E Deans’ Office at (585) 275-6049.

Board on Academic Honesty

The College Board on Academic Honesty consists of a chair, at least eleven faculty members, at least eleven undergraduate students, and at least two graduate students.

Academic Honesty Board Secretary

The secretary of the Board on Academic Honesty provides administrative support to the board by scheduling hearings, providing access to case files, administering post-violation Academic Honesty Tutorials and the Academic Integrity Seminar, communicating with the registrar’s office, and maintaining the database of past cases.

Board Secretary
(585) 276-3350

Academic Honesty Board Chair

The chair of the Board on Academic Honesty oversees the administration of the board, reviews all cases that are submitted to ensure they comply with the policy, and can require changes to submitted cases that do not fully comply. The chair gives guidance to instructors on appropriate penalties for instructor resolution processes.

Board Chair
Professor Elaine A. Sia 
(585) 275-9275

Confidential Reporting

For non-mandated reporters, the board accepts confidential but not anonymous reports about academic honesty in AS&E. The reporter can request that their name be kept confidential. These reports go directly to the chair of the Board on Academic Honesty. Reporters can contact the board chair in four ways: email, phone, intercampus mail, or secure online form.

Board Chair
Professor Elaine A. Sia
(585) 275-9275

Send a letter via any campus mail drop to: 
Elaine A. Sia
Department of Biology
RC Box 270211

Secure online report form:
Academic Honesty Concern Report