Here at Rochester, there are no general education requirements or core curriculum. Instead, The College gives students the freedom to explore their own interests and the flexibility to double-major, study abroad, conduct research, take music lessons, lead teams or clubs, and give back to the community. The Rochester Curriculum only requires that you:

  1. Complete your primary writing requirement
  2. Completing one program (major, minor, or cluster) in each academic division:
    1. Humanities
    2. Natural sciences
    3. Social sciences

Primary writing requirement

No matter what you choose to study, being able to effectively communicate will be instrumental in your success after college. That is why the University requires all undergraduates to complete the primary writing requirement (PWR).

The most common way to fulfill this requirement is to take WRTG 105, which is offered on variety of topics. Use the button below to learn more about the PWR.

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Majors, minors, and clusters

At a minimum, you must complete one major and two clusters. However, you can substitute a minor or another major for one or both clusters. If you are in certain programs in the Hajim School of Engineering & Applied Sciences, you may only be required to complete one major and one cluster. If you are an incoming transfer student, please double-check your requirements with your College advisor.

Majors and Minors

It's important to know what your major requirements are early in your academic career to make sure you can schedule your time effectively. Use the button below to learn more about available majors and minors.

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Clusters are typically three-course sequences within an academic division (humanities, natural sciences, or social sciences) or department. You have the opportunity to choose from hundreds of faculty-designed clusters (use the button below to search) or to modify an existing cluster.

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