Registration Day Resources

We know course registration can be stressful, especially if it's your first time registering at a new school or for college-level coursework. Below is a list of tips and resources to help you troubleshoot on your registration day. Make sure to review this page ahead of time, and bookmark it to come back to on your assigned registration day.

Registration Tips

  • Create a saved schedule before your registration day! This will greatly simplify and streamline your registration process.  
  • Some courses have multiple components, such as a lab or recitation, in addition to the lecture component. Make sure to thoroughly review the course description on the Course Descriptions Course Schedule (CDCS) website to ensure you're registering for all of the required components. 
  • Some courses are offered multiple days and/or times, and these are differentiated with section numbers (e.g. in the course number WRTG 105-4, the section is 4). When creating your saved schedule, be sure to add the course section that fits best with your other classes.
    • Orientation Leader Tip: Create multiple saved schedules with different sections of the same courses so you have additional options if you don't get into your preferred section of each course. 
  • Be flexible. Create a list of courses you wouldn't mind taking and have it on hand in case you don't get into all of your first-choice courses. 
  • About only half of incoming students will be able to take their primary writing requirement course (WRTG 105) in the fall semester. The other half will take the course in the spring semester. If you would like to take your writing course in the fall semester, make sure to identify alternate courses, in case the WRTG 105 classes reach capacity before you can register.

Technical Troubleshooting

  • Follow these steps to troubleshoot if you are unable to enroll in a course. If you still have technical issues, submit a ticket to the UR Student Technical Support Team.
    • Please note: In order to submit a ticket, you must be connected to the University's wireless network on campus or through VPN.

Helpful UR Student Tutorials

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Troubleshoot Your Registration



Registration Contacts

Academic Contacts

College Center for Advising Services
(585) 275-2354 

Office of the Registrar
(585) 275-8131

Technical Contact

UR Student Technical Support Team
(585) 275-2000

Submit a Ticket