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International Students


International students at orientation

We are so excited to welcome you to the University of Rochester community! Our team is here to help prepare you for your arrival in Rochester.

International Student Move-in Day

Please arrive on Monday, August 20, 2018 between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. to participate in all early arrival events and programs. If you are unable to arrive during this time, please see the early arrivals or late arrivals section below.

Arriving by Plane

Transportation will be provided from the airport all day on August 20. International student mentors will meet you in the baggage claim area to assist you. The shuttle bus will take you directly to your area residential office for room check-ins.

Arriving by Car, Taxi, or Hotel Shuttle

Please go directly to your area residential office to check in to your room. Please note that your area residential office may not be located in your residence hall. International student mentors will be there to help you with your luggage and direct you to your hall.

After moving in to your room, you will be guided by international student mentors to the "Mini-Expo" to get your student ID, meet representatives from University Health Service (UHS), and learn about other essential services. There will be a bus to take students shopping in the afternoon.

Move-in Day Events (August 20)

Move-in day includes the following activities:

  • Immigration check-in with International Services Office (ISO) in Rettner Hall
  • Mini-Expo to obtain ID cards and access other essential services
  • Welcome dinner for international students and families
  • Reception for parents and families
  • Meet your international student mentor

International Student Orientation (August 20-21)

Orientation includes:

Early Arrivals (Before August 20)

If you are arriving before August 20, please make arrangements to stay at a local hotel. If you are interested in sharing a hotel room with another new student, please contact your mentor.

Many of the local hotels offer shuttle services from the airport and the University, or you can arrange a taxi or rideshare for you to get to campus on August 20. Please see arriving by car, taxi, or hotel shuttle section above for more information.

Please note: You are NOT permitted to move in to your room before August 20.

Late Arrivals (After August 22)

Anyone who will not be showing up at their designated time needs to communicate that and get special permission. All students not arriving when expected should e-mail

When you arrive, please go directly to your area residential office to check in to your room. Please note that your area residential office may not be located in your residence hall. Join the orientation activities as soon as possible.


You may want to sign up for a Student Advantage Card. Many international students have found this card useful to receive Amtrak (train) and Greyhound (bus) discounts.

We recommend waiting until you arrive in Rochester to order your card so it will be shipped faster to your US address on campus (CMC Box).

Your International Student Mentor

All new international students will automatically be matched with an international student mentor. You will be contacted by your international student mentor via email this summer. Your mentor is going to help you transition to the University, the city, and the United States. They will be like your big brother or big sister on campus.

This summer, please email any of the mentors with your questions or just to say “hi”.