Our Mission


  • RCBU laboratories are advancing the use of ultrasound in diagnosis and discovering new therapeutic applications of ultrasound in medicine and biology.
  • The Center fosters collaborative research between laboratories and investigators with expertise in engineering, clinical medicine, and the basic sciences.
  • The RCBU provides an ideal forum to exchange information through formal Center meetings and monthly newsletters.
  • Interactions of RCBU members with industry, governmental organizations, and foundations encourage mutually beneficial research programs.

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  • RCBU laboratories provide a rich environment for graduate training in biomedical ultrasound. Students have access to state-of-the-art research facilities to engage in leading-edge research in ultrasound.
  • The UR offers graduate-level courses in biomedical ultrasound and closely related fields.
  • RCBU laboratories offer opportunities for post-doctoral research in ultrasound and collaborations with other areas of biomedical imaging.
  • Throughout its history, the RCBU has offered short courses in specialized topics in ultrasound that attract national and international experts.

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  • The RCBU maintains a long history of leadership and innovation in biomedical ultrasound.
  • RCBU innovations have produced steady progress in new imaging modalities and therapeutic applications of ultrasound.
  • RCBU members hold numerous patents in ultrasound and imaging. The UR ranks 9th in technology revenue income among all higher education institutions in the nation.

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