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Degree Audit and Planning

 Degree audits are available online for students any time through our online self-service degree audit system.

The following online instructions can help you get started:

The degree audit allows students to review credit hours earned, Rochester curriculum requirements, primary writing, grade point average, majors, minors, and clusters.

Students are strongly encouraged to review this audit thoroughly during their junior and senior years. Juniors will first be introduced to this tool during their spring semester with instructions on how to access and read their audits, but students can review their audits any time before this as well.

Seniors will be contacted a number of times throughout their final year in preparation for graduation. The first communication will be in early September with a general review of basic degree requirements including Rochester curriculum, primary writing, GPA and credit hours.

The second phase of the degree audit, including a review by departments and programs for completion of majors and minors, occurs soon after the drop/add deadline in the fall. Major and minor requirements are thoroughly reviewed, and all of the items mentioned in the first review are repeated. Students receive the results of the second review prior to registration in November.

A third review takes place in early January after all fall grades have been submitted and students are updated on any outstanding requirements to be fulfilled in the spring semester. After this third communication, students are reached on an individual basis depending on their degree progress and any outstanding requirements to be addressed.


Questions regarding individual degree audits can be directed to the following registrar staff:

For Arts and Sciences degrees:

For Hajim degrees: