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Webcast Instructions

Within the frame of the athletics website:

You should be able to view the webcast from the athletics website.

Separate browser window or tab:

To open the webcast in a separate window, click the link "Open in a separate window" from the webcast's page.

Desktop player:

If you wish to view the webcast in a desktop player, or your QuickTime plug-in is not working in your browser, you can download the QuickTime movie to your desktop and view it with any desktop player that supports QuickTime. Simply right-click (or Control-Click on a Macintosh) on the special link from the webcast's web page. This will bring up a menu. One of the choices is to save the contents of the link. This will save the movie to your computer. Double click the movie and it should open QuickTime to play.

If you are still having trouble viewing the stream, please try to change the preferences for your QuickTime player by following these instructions:

  1. Open QuickTime
  2. Click on Edit->Preferences->QuickTime Player
  3. Click to the Advanced tab
  4. Set Video to "Safe Mode" as shown below

QuickTime Preferences