College Center for Advising Services


The College requires that students who request accommodations in their coursework provide documentation that meets appropriate guidelines. All questions regarding documentation, reasonable accommodations, or referrals for testing should be forwarded to the assistant dean of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

Students with documented disabilities may request that a memo about the need for accommodations be sent to some or all of their instructors and their advisers. The letter refers to the Americans with Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, and lists the student’s approved accommodations. Typical accommodations include extended time on tests, permission to tape classes, testing in separate locations, and the like. Students are expected to follow up the letter with a visit to the instructor.

Requests and questions should be referred to the assistant dean for the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning.

A student with a documented need for accommodations which necessitates registering for less than a normal load each semester may petition the dean of the College for an extended academic plan to complete the degree. This petition, which is to be presented to the associate dean of the College no later than the second semester of the second year, must be accompanied by a draft of a plan of study for the remaining semesters (and summers when relevant), including tentatively selected major and cluster courses. If approved, the College will regard this plan as the standard against which the student’s progress will be subsequently measured. The student will be expected to meet with an adviser in the College Center for Advising Services each semester to refine and update the plan as needed.

If approval is granted, it is with the assumption that the student registers as a full-time student each semester and pays full tuition to Rochester for each semester through the fourth year. When a ninth semester or full additional year is necessary in order for the student to earn the 128 credit hours required for the degree, the College will arrange that no tuition will be charged, in a manner similar to the situation of Take Five Scholars.

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