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Undergraduate Students

Study Groups

Study groups offer an opportunity to study collaboratively with classmates, guided by a student leader who did well in the same course within the past year or two. 

Groups meet for an hour weekly and typically start in the third week of the semester. The last day of classes will be the last day of study groups.

Study Group Benefits

Most people learn better when they study in groups, regardless of how well they're doing already. If you're having difficulty, you can get help from others. If you're handling the material well, you can deepen your understanding by working with others.

Plus, an hour spent studying in company is better than an hour of procrastination and distractions.

Study Schedule

The complete fall 2017 study group schedule will be posted below during the first weeks of the new semester. Each study group meeting is an hour long. All groups gather during the evening hours.

Joining a Group 

You can sign up for study groups through the course Blackboard page (under Organizations).

Resources for Unlisted Courses 

Though we're not currently taking requests for new study groups, CETL does offer several other resources for students. Check out our tutoring and study skills consulting pages.

Become a Peer Leader

All positions are listed on our jobs page. We look for study group leaders at the end of every semester, and especially at the end of spring.

Study Group Schedule—Spring 2018
Please check Blackboard for when your Study Group will begin.


Peer Leader

Weekly Meeting Time


BIO 110 

Jun YuminagaWednesday 5:30-6:30 pm Dewey 1-160B

BIO 250

Sam HaberWednesday 530-6:30 pm Dewey 1-160B

CHM 132

Kamel Awayda Thursday 7-8 pm Dewey 1-160B 

CHM 132

Sylvester Benson-SesaySunday 6-7 pm Genesee 308

CHM 204

Nicholas LimMonday 8-9 pm Genesee 309

MTH 141

Chaoying XueThursday 6-7 pm Dewey 1-160B

MTH 142

Ted HancockTuesday  5-6 pm Genesee 308

MTH 162

Nishmed Dannely Cota LuceroThurday 5-6 pm Dewey 1-160B

MTH 165

Jolena ZhouWednesday 6:30-7:30 pm Dewey 1-160B

PHY 114

Fatima ZaidouniSaturday 1:30-2:30 pm Genesee 308