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College Supplemental Fund Application


The College Supplemental Fund Application allows undergraduate students in AS&E to request supplemental funding as an individual or on behalf of a group to participate in academic, professional, or experiential programs. Funding is available on a rolling basis.

Note: The College Supplemental Fund Application is not intended to replace existing funding opportunities, such as the funding available from the Student Association Appropriations Committee (SAAC). Groups that would like to request funding from the Student Association are required to complete a separate application through the Campus Community Connection (CCC).


The following activities are eligible to receive funding:

  • Academic conferences*
  • On-campus programming or events**
  • Off-campus programming or events that are connected to a College group or department
  • Undergraduate research
  • Student competitions***

*Individual students and non-SA recognized groups must have a staff or faculty member willing to sponsor their program who will make sure that they remain in compliance with College policies and procedures. Contact Sarah Van Munster ( for more information about this requirement.

** SA organizations must meet with their SA advisor prior to submitting an application. All applications will be reviewed and approved by the advisor prior to circulating the application to College departments. 

***Teams interested in applying for funding for post-season competitions should contact their SA advisor to discuss the next steps as this is considered through a separate process.

The following are NOT eligible to receive funding:

  • Fee-based or for-profit tuition programs
  • SA-affiliated activities that have not received approval from the appropriate advisor(s)
  • Repeat applications from any student(s) who already received funding for an activity during the same academic year. If an applicant received funding in one academic year, he/she may submit additional applications in the same year only if the later requests are on behalf of a different organization and for a different activity.

Timeline to Apply

All applications must be submitted at least three weeks prior to the date of the activity. Applications submitted after this date will not be considered.

We recommend students submit applications for domestic activities at least one month in advance to accommodate for potential follow-up or delays. Departments may take up to two weeks to respond to the application from the date of submission (this is subject to vary if the application is submitted on a weekend or holiday).

Applications for international activities must be submitted at least three months in advance of the activity date. This allows for appropriate review by College departments and the Travel Review Subcommittee. For questions about international travel policies or pre-departure recommendations see the travel and security web page, or contact Alan Ryon in the Office for Global Engagement at

Submit an Application

Students can submit an application by:

  1. Reviewing eligibility and timeline requirements listed above.
  2. Completing all necessary pre-application steps as needed. See the sample application PDF and video tutorial for more information.
  3. Logging in to the funding portal with your NetID and password.
  4. Complete the application.
    1. The application will time-out after 15 minutes. If you need more time, be sure to save a draft of the application by clicking the Save Draft button at the bottom of each page. To resume, log back in and continue the application. When your application is finished, click Submit at the bottom of page two.
    2. Groups or teams should designate one student to submit the application and serve as the point of contact for follow-up.
  5. Looking for the confirmation message in your Rochester email.

For questions about this process or to check the status of your application, email the fund administrator at  

If you experience technical issues, contact AS&E Web Communications at   

Post-Activity Requirement

As a stipulation of receiving funding, departments often require students to complete a brief report or presentation summarizing the activity, key takeaways, and opportunities for ongoing learning or work.

Students are also encouraged to propose their own post-activity plan and describe this in their application. Applications are more likely to receive funding if a concrete post-activity plan is identified that will positively impact the College community.

Departments independently monitor when/if requirements are completed. Failure to complete these may impact future funding.

Suggestions of post-activity projects include:

  • Host a dialogue or seminar based on the activity, perhaps in partnership with an existing campus organization.
  • Speak about the activity at an upcoming event on campus.
  • Create or contribute to a University-affiliated communication, blog, or website summarizing key ideas and takeaways.
  • Establish an organization or initiative based on the activity.
  • Serve as a liaison to help connect other students to the activity (this is typically a formal role assigned to students by an external organization or scholarship).
  • Write a post-activity report and share with the sponsoring department(s).
  • Initiate a meeting with the sponsoring department(s) to discuss the activity in person and outline next steps, if applicable.
  • Draft an academic paper or project based on the activity.
  • Connect University community members to external organizations and leaders who share a similar mission or focus.
  • With the instructor’s permission, share-out during a class session to enhance relevant content for peers. 
  • Create or share videos or other promotional materials to generate excitement around the activity.*
  • Replicate the activity on campus. 

*Students should receive permission to from the external organization prior to using or promoting their work. 


What is the likelihood of receiving funding?

Departments consider multiple factors when reviewing applications. The likelihood of receiving funding often depends on how your application addresses the following components:

  • Fit: How well does the activity align with the spirit or mission of the department?
  • Impact and follow-up: Does the activity contribute to the College community in some way? If not, how does the student propose to bring back what they learn through the activity?
  • Partnerships: Does the activity offer an opportunity to connect with new organizations or resources? How can the student help to facilitate some of these connections?
  • Engagement on campus: Has the student been involved on campus in the past? Has the student demonstrated a commitment to improving the campus in some way? 
  • Good standing: Some departments may take academic standing into consideration, though this is not a requirement. *
  • Application record: Has the student applied for funding in the past? If so, did he/she complete the necessary post-activity requirement(s)?

*Departments who want to consider student records must adhere to policies on release of information outlined by the Board on Academic Honesty and the Center for Conflict Management.

Which departments review applications?

Departments that offer College Supplemental Funding include:

  • Ain Center for Entrepreneurship
  • Burgett Intercultural Center
  • Center for Education Abroad
  • College Dean’s Office
  • Interfaith Chapel
  • The Kearns Center
  • The Language Center
  • Office of College Enrollment
  • Office of Global Engagement
  • Office of Minority Student Affairs
  • Office of Undergraduate Research
  • Rochester Center for Community Leadership

Funding for undergraduate summer internships and research are also available through a separate application. For more information about these funding opportunities, please visit the Career Center or Undergraduate Research websites.

How much funding can I receive?

Awards are made at the discretion of each department. Many departments have pre-established award limits ranging from $100-$500 per application. Students are encouraged to reach out to departments for more information about their specific funding policies.

Helpful Contacts

For questions regarding the application or review process, email the fund administrator at or call the College Dean’s Office at (585) 273-5000.

For questions regarding travel to high-risk destinations, contact the manager for international travel and security, Alan Ryon, in the Office for Global Engagement at (585) 857-1168, or


  • Open: Rolling
  • Deadline: Rolling


Please note, the application will timeout after 15 minutes. Please save a draft or submit your application within the time period. Thank you

If you cannot access the application because of a NetID error message please send an email to