Undergraduate research takes place in our backyard as well as all over the world. University of Rochester faculty and students study architecture in Mount Hope Cemetery, cancerous tumors in Medical Center labs, details of neutrino beams near Tokyo, Dante’s haunts in Italy, and public health in Denmark, to name only a few examples.

Finding a Research Opportunity

Finding a research opportunity is much like finding a college; there are many options available to you, but it takes some time and active investigation to find what's going to be a good fit for you. Through our site you can try our new AURA system to view job postings and contact information, explore department websites, search summer opportunities, and make use of on-campus support resources. You can also check out our getting started guide to help you with your research search and faculty outreach.

Other Experiences

Students looking for research, career and leadership experience can also find opportunities by reaching out to one of these campus offices: