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Research Opportunities


Conducting research as an undergraduate student is an effective way to cultivate intellectual maturity while gaining academic and professional experience. Undergraduate research develops problem-solving skills and integrates classroom learning with real-world competencies. As a nurturing, tier-one research institution with a world-class medical center and a strong research program, the University of Rochester is an ideal place for undergraduate research.

Research happens in all intellectual disciplines of the University. At Rochester, Research can be aesthetic, socio-political, scientific, technical, philosophical, mathematical, and more.

Our research takes place in our backyard as well as all over the world. University of Rochester faculty and students study funerary architecture in Mount Hope Cemetery, cancerous tumors in Medical Center labs, details of neutrino beams near Tokyo, Dante’s haunts in Italy, and public health in Denmark, to name only a few examples.

Why Get Involved in Undergraduate Research

Some reasons to consider getting involved in undergraduate research are to:

  • Explore a passion
  • Help define your goals, interests, and potential career direction
  • Gain in-depth experience in a discipline or field
  • Contribute new knowledge about a topic that interests you
  • Develop problem-solving skills
  • Make professional connections
  • Gain real-world experience that helps your resume stand out

See our student spotlights for examples of recent undergraduate research projects.