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About Student Research


The University of Rochester—a top-tier research institution with a compact campus, flexible curriculum, and interdisciplinary focus—fosters unique opportunities for undergraduate research.

Research at Rochester isn’t limited to the sciences. Instead, we embrace a broad definition of research, one that also encompasses scholarship and creative activity, because we believe in the relentless pursuit of new knowledge, deeper inquiry, and radical imagination. That’s why you’ll find our undergraduate students working alongside their faculty mentors in a range of settings—from laboratories to libraries, hospitals to museums, archives to expeditions, town halls to recording studios.

See the Campus Times' Research Rochester feature for examples of undergraduate research at Rochester.

Why Research?

Conducting research as an undergraduate student is an effective way to cultivate intellectual maturity while gaining academic and professional experience. Undergraduate research develops problem-solving skills and integrates classroom learning with real-world competencies. Some reasons to consider getting involved in undergraduate research are to:

  • Explore a passion
  • Help define your goals, interests, and potential career direction
  • Gain in-depth experience in a discipline or field
  • Contribute new knowledge about a topic that interests you
  • Develop problem-solving skills
  • Make professional connections
  • Gain real-world experience that helps your resume stand out
Explore our general guide to getting started.

Other Areas to Explore

There are many ways you can gain valuable extracurricular experience, research or otherwise. We encourage you to explore our website and those of our colleagues below to learn more about what opportunities and supports are available on campus and what might be best suited for your interests and goals.