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Student Life Spaces

Genesee Hall

Genesee Hall is a multipurpose building that houses the Boehning Varsity House, Tutoring Zone, public lounges, meeting rooms, and four floors of First-year residence hall space.

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To contact the Genesee Hall Building Manager, call (585) 622-5996 or (585) 276-4070.

Genesee Hall Building Map

Floor 1 Field Level

  • Boehning Varsity House

Floor 2 Terrace Level

  • Tutoring Zone
  • Boehning Varsity House

Floor 3 Courtyard Level

  • Residence Hall entrance
  • Manager/information desk
  • Meeting rooms 308, 309, 321, 323, 325
  • Print Release Station
  • Public restrooms

Floors 4–7

  • Residence Hall
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Boehning Varsity House

The Boehning Varsity House, which is located on the first floor and half of the second floor, contains an athletic training space and locker rooms for:

  • Men’s track and field
  • Men’s football
  • Men’s baseball
  • Men’s soccer
  • Women’s track and field
  • Women’s field hockey
  • Women’s soccer
  • Women’s lacrosse
  • Women’s softball
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