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Eastman is what you make it


Hello, Eastman!

My name is Tanya Chanphanitpornkit, a senior double bass and music education major, and this academic year I will be serving as the president of Students’ Association of the Eastman School. I hope you are enjoying your summer, whether it be attending a festival, binge watching The Office on Netflix, or soaking up the sun before you head to Rochester.

I would like to extend a very warm welcome to the Class of 2018, and of course, classes
of 2015, 2016, and 2017! Soon enough, you will find yourself making multiple trips to Java’s, singing solfège instead of lyrics to Lady Gaga tunes, and saying “hi” to absolutely everyone on campus. This will be your new home.

Class of 2018, look forward to New Student Orientation Week as a warm, zestful welcome to the Eastman family. During this week, participating in fun events, learning about campus life, and exploring Eastman and Rochester is just the tip of the iceberg. You will meet faculty, staff, and administrators as well as meet your “Big Sib” and possible lifelong friends. True friendships are like getting directions. You keep going until you find them, because when you do, you just can’t miss them.

For all, Eastman Welcome Weekend awaits! Filled with events, giveaways, and free food (need I say more?), Eastman Welcome Weekend is the perfect opportunity for incoming students to meet current students. This is also a chance to get involved with student life and activities since during this weekend, our student-run organizations will be looking to recruit new members to sponsor events throughout the year. (Read more about Welcome Weekend).

Eastman prospers on student-driven initiatives. If you are interested in becoming a student leader or joining the Students’ Association, then I highly encourage you to come to our first SA meeting on Thursday, Sept. 11, at 9:30 p.m. in Director’s Dining Room, as we will be electing any open positions as well as the Freshman Class Council.

At SA meetings, our goal is to act as an official voice through which student opinions and ideas can be expressed. Every meeting has an open forum at which students may voice questions, comments, or concerns. SA thrives on student feedback.

We will work to increase communication between the SA and students. This is not limited to finding better ways for the SA to reach out to students, but also finding better ways for the students to reach out to the SA and the administration. As a liaison between the student body and the administration, together we will treat any challenges that arise as opportunities to make our school ever better—Meliora!

Eastman is what you make it. It can be the place where you performed your first concert in Kodak Hall. It can be the place where you had your senior recital in Hatch Hall. It can be where you played in your best friend’s recital in Kilbourn Hall. Or it can be where you fulfilled George Eastman’s grand vision of music “for enrichment of community life.” But right now, just for right now, it is something else. Welcome home.

Tanya Chanphanitpornkit ’15E
Eastman Students’ Association President