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University Students Travel to Obama Inauguration

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U of R Students Headed to DC

150 Students Load Buses to Inauguration
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U of R Students Back from DC
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Just typed "President Obama" for the first time (and now the second time). Felt good.
11:22 PM Jan 21st from web

#inaug09 another sleepless night on bus. If I had a superpower it would be the ability to sleep comfortably in any position or situation
7:59 PM Jan 20th from mobile web

all UofR students present and accounted for after *crazy* DC departure. Lets roll! #inaug09
6:17 PM Jan 20th from mobile web

the first hours of the obama administration have involved a lot of milling around in the cold. #inaug09
4:53 PM Jan 20th from mobile web

#inaug09 admit I teared up during Washingtons Crossing bit of speech.
12:33 PM Jan 20th from mobile web

Barack-minus-one and counting #inaug09
12:04 PM Jan 20th from mobile web

#inaug09 wow, look at us. We look good.
10:40 AM Jan 20th from mobile web

inaug#09 they're replaying concert. have lost feeling in my fingers, but not my heart.
9:19 AM Jan 20th from mobile web

finally made it into mall. lost all but one UofR kids. #inaug09
7:43 AM Jan 20th from mobile web

standing motionless with UorR peeps at 7th street. #inaug09
5:55 AM Jan 20th from mobile web

3:21 am - first "expect major delays" sign :( #inaug09
3:22 AM Jan 20th from mobile web

3:08 am first sign for Washington D.C.! #inaug09
3:11 AM Jan 20th from mobile web

2am somewhere in central PA en route to #inaug09. cant sleep on buses -- on to 3rd movie.
1:53 AM Jan 20th from mobile web

on the midnight run to #inaug09 - UofR caravan somewhere in central PA
12:12 AM Jan 20th from mobile web

bus underway to #inaug09. if i'm honest i'm slightly terrified. But hopeful. Just like America.
9:20 PM Jan 19th from mobile web

Packing for road trip to #inaug09. Power bars -- check. Toilet paper -- check. iPod loaded with 10 hrs. of inspirational rawk -- check.
6:14 PM Jan 19th from web

Get on the Bus -- UofR students will be heading down to DC on Monday night for the Obama inauguration. If you see us, wave hi
5:41 PM Jan 16th from web

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"Get on the Bus," was made possible through the support of the MLK Commemorative Week Committee, BSU, Women's Caucus, The David T. Kearns Center, the SAO, MSAB, the Gandhi Institute, the Interfaith Chapel, the Rochester Center for Community Leadership, R World R Vote, the Office of Minority Student Affairs, the Office of the Registrar and Residential Life.

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In Their Own Words

capitol bulding and crowdsThe excitement and energy in the air is palpable. Everyone is just enraptured. Whenever someone remotely well known comes out, 2M people just cheer. It's such a rush! I kept hitting this large black man in the head with my energetic flag waving, hahah, and each time I apologized and finally he was like, "baby, everything is nothing today." There was that mood every where--that everything we were suffering through didn't even matter, because the power of this day and this moment and this movement transcended everything.

When Obama was sworn in, and was giving his address, it was the most amazing thing. Just think for a minute--have you ever heard 2M people being silent? It felt like a holy moment, like the whole world was holding their breath to see if this was really happening.

It was absolutely unforgettable.
Penni Spicer

To be Honest, the path to the white house was a struggle- from putting up flyers and campaign posters, to educating friends, family and strangers on the man that was sure to change America as we knew it. The Inauguration trip was a struggle. It was a struggle to stand for hours on end, in the cold, with little to eat or drink. We endured this without complaint to see the fruits of our labor- a cause we rallied for so long ago to come full circle, the inauguration of President Obama. This trip was without a doubt one of the highlights of my life- I will never forget the energy that absorbed the crowd as Obama stepped to the podium, an optimistic silence that hovered in between the quiets tears that fell from the eyes of many, both old and young. As he spoke, all i could hear was my breath, visualized in the cold air of that afternoon, floating away into the sky to join the sighs of relief and joy of thousands of others. We did it America.
Alykhan Alani
University of Rochester Class of 2012
Meridian Society
Gilbert Hall Council Vice President 08-09

students in front of Department of Energy

After the Inauguration, we needed to catch the metro to get back to where the bus was picking us up. So we went to the closest metro stop from the Inauguration grounds. We should have known better, the metro was so packed that there was a crowd outside surrounding the metro trying to go in! Then we decided to just walk along the metro line to the next metro stop toward the direction we needed to get off at. We ran into the same problem several times! After walking about 5 miles following the metro we finally found one we could access and get on the metro. We definably got our exercise that day, and a walking view of the city!
Laney Widener

Samuel L Jackson in inauguration crowdMy friends and I had an awesome time at the Inauguration, although it was extremely cold, we got to be a part of history. The whole event was phenomenal! Plus we saw Samuel L Jackson and different parts of Washington D.C. =)
Dayanna Davis
University of Rochester `12
Secretary of Gilbert Hall 08-09
Freshman Representative of Black Students' Union

I found the trip itself to be an amazing experience, though the ten hour stand in the cold may not have been the best idea for my immune system.
Kaitlyn Karpenko