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Connect with Community


Community engagement means playing an active role in your community by being involved in the democratic process, participating in public life, and collaborating with community organizations to solve community problems.

RCCL is dedicated to supporting partnerships between our campus and the local, national, and international community. We help create these bridges through a number of initiatives, including:

  • Career-building experiences (jobs, internships, and fellowships)
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Student organization advisement
  • Leadership training
  • Community-engaged learning

Community-Based Activity at UR and Beyond

35,000 hours. That's how much time the College's 5,000 undergraduates spend each year in the Rochester community participating in service and philanthropic activities. Interest in community service is high and has become a distinctive part of student life at Rochester. Nearly half of undergraduates at Rochester are regularly involved in community service activities.

After their college experience concludes, our graduates continue to engage actively with their communities. UR students disproportionately choose careers in public service (11%) when compared to graduates of peer institutions.

Visit the Office of Government and Community Relations to learn more about the University of Rochester’s community impact. Connect with the Community Service Network to learn more about how students are engaging with others.

Want to coordinate your own service activity? Contact RCCL for guidance at (585) 276-6860!