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Connect with Community

Days of Service

Participating in community service is a mutually beneficial act: while working to enrich our community, we can also develop personal leadership and problem-solving skills, and can find feelings of great pride and satisfaction. The University of Rochester encourages students to engage with their communities by supporting different days of service throughout the year, including:

  • Wilson Day
  • 9/11 Day of Service
  • Be the Change Day
  • MLK Jr. Day of Service/King for a Day
  • Mayor’s Day (in collaboration with the Corporation for National and Community Service)
  • Rochester Cleansweeps

About Wilson Day

Wilson Day is an annual day of community service for new University of Rochester students. It serves to introduce students to both their new Rochester home and their campus residential community.

Celebrated each fall for more than 25 years, Wilson Day is a proud tradition with Rochester faculty, staff, and students. Students are placed at nearly 100 agencies throughout the city of Rochester and perform a variety of tasks including washing chalkboards, painting houses, landscaping, and playing bingo in nursing homes.

As the only college within Rochester’s city limits, we strive to be responsible, respectful, and engaged members of our community. Through Wilson Day, the University of Rochester hopes to instill an appreciation of Rochester and a dedication to service into all of its students.

Connecting with the Local Community

Days of service are opportunities for students to get off campus and learn about different agencies in the community. Students establish a real and personal connection to the place they serve and are encouraged to continue their relationship with the agency after the day of service, helping to establish a closer bond between students and the city of Rochester.

The Rochester Center for Community Leadership encourages students to work with and not to or for others, which allows students to learn from fellow community members and connect with them on a deeper level.

Find a Service Opportunity Now

Visit to see view current volunteer opportunities. Already connected with an organization and want peers to join you? Feel free to submit a volunteer opportunity form, as well.