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Study Abroad Billing Information


  • If you are participating in a study abroad program in the fall, your fall semester statement will be posted online in UR ePAY in mid-July.
  • If you are participating in a study abroad program in the spring, your spring semester statement will be posted online in UR ePAY in mid-December. You will not receive a bill in November unless you have a balance from the fall semester.
  • Students participating in a full-year program will be billed on a semester basis. 

Please note that all students studying abroad will be charged the post office box fee. If you are studying abroad for one semester, the Campus Mail Center does not recommend that you close your PO Box.  If you would like to close your PO Box, please turn in your key and provide a forwarding address.

  • Your balance must be paid in full from the prior semester in order to register for a study abroad program. If you have a past due balance you may settle your account with the Bursar's Office, 330 Meliora Hall, 585-275-3931. Your registration for a study abroad program is subject to cancellation if payment is not kept current or if you submit a check that is returned by the bank, unless acceptable arrangements are promptly made.
  • If you are participating in a non-UR program, UR will bill you for the study abroad fee. You will be billed directly for the program cost by the college or university that sponsors your program. In most cases, for non-UR programs, sponsoring institutions must pay your costs to the overseas program before you leave the U.S., so you will be expected to pay the balance of your program fee prior to going on the program.

Before you leave:

  • Update your billing address with the Bursar's Office before departure, and again when you return, if the billing address should change.
  • Contact the Bursar's Office before you leave if you are receiving an outside scholarship or alternative loan that requires your endorsement. They will make arrangements with you to have the check(s) signed so that you will be credited with the funds. If someone other than you will be handling your financial affairs while you are abroad, please be sure to share this information with that individual.


  • If you are expecting to receive a refund of financial aid (your financial aid exceeds your charges), please be sure to set up direct deposit via URePAY (choose Student Choice Refunds). If you are participating in a UR-sponsored program, the Bursar's Office cannot issue a refund until at least one week prior to the start of your program, so you should not plan on having this money to pay for initial expenses.  If you are receiving NYS TAP, which is usually certified in late September for the fall semester or in late January for the spring semester, you will not receive that portion of your refund until those funds can be credited.
  • If you are on a non-UR program and have completed a Consortium Agreement, the Financial Aid Office will need to verify your registration before financial aid can be credited to your account. Your registration cannot be verified until your program start date; you should therefore plan to cover a minimum of one month's expenses before the refund will be available.
  • Students sometimes receive outside scholarships from study abroad program sponsors (e.g. IES, CIEE, or ASE). These are credited to the students’ accounts via Financial Aid as a scholarship.
  • If you think you may want help covering airfare or other expenses prior to departure, please meet with your Financial Aid counselor or speak to a Bursar’s Office representative.

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