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College Course Development Fellowship

The College Course Development Fellowship brings together small groups of AS&E instructors to collaborate in developing, planning, and implementing their undergraduate courses. Fellows enjoy intensive support from the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning (CETL) staff, and are each awarded a $1,000 stipend for use in their research and teaching.

The fellowship lasts two consecutive semesters, and each fellow focuses on an undergraduate course that he or she is scheduled to teach during the second semester of the fellowship. This program is especially well-suited for instructors interested in making changes or additions to their existing courses, and for instructors preparing for courses they have not taught before. 

First Semester

Early in the first semester, each fellow identifies an aspect of their chosen course to revise, refine, or create. Past fellows have, for instance:

  • Worked to refine their course's exams and writing assignments
  • Created rubrics for their existing assessments to make grading easier and more transparent
  • Developed end-of-semester projects that push their students to engage more deeply with course material
  • Developed new learning exercises for students that supplement existing course activities

Fellows then work to develop their chosen aspects of their courses, meeting regularly as a group to share progress and feedback. During the first semester of the fellowship, participants can expect to spend about the same amount of time in fellowship activities they would in preparing for a new course, albeit with the benefit of support and feedback from other fellows and CETL staff.

Second Semester

During the second semester, the fellows support one another in the deployment and assessment of their newly developed teaching resources. CETL staff assist throughout by facilitating the fellows’ collaborative work, and providing individual consultation as needed. The fellowship during this semester only requires participation in one group meeting each month.


CETL awards fellowships to two cohorts of instructors each year. The first begins work in the summer in preparation for courses they are teaching in the fall semester. The second begins work during the fall semester in preparation for courses they are teaching in the spring semester. 

To apply for the fellowship, send an email to Stu Jordan or Rachel Remmel.  In the email, name the course you would like to work on as part of the fellowship and when it will be taking place, and give a brief (no more than 250 word) description of the aspect(s) of the course you would like to develop with the support of the fellowship. 

Fellowships are awarded on a rolling basis, but we recommend that applicants interested in joining the summer cohort apply by April 5 and those interested in the fall cohort apply by August 8.