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For Faculty

College Observation Week

College Observation Week gives instructors the opportunity to open their class to their fellow instructors, sign up to observe the classes of host instructors, or both. Fostering instructor interaction promotes discussion about teaching, disseminates pedagogical ideas, and highlights teaching as part of AS&E culture.  At the end of the week, CETL hosts an informal reception to bring participants together to talk about their experiences, share thoughts, and generally engage around good teaching practice. 

Host instructors determine which sessions of their course they wish to open during the week and the number of observers for each session.  Courses must enroll AS&E students and be three or more credits.  After confirming these details with hosts, CETL issues an open call for AS&E instructors to sign up for observation slots. CETL connects host instructors with observer instructors by email prior to the class meeting in case the host instructor wishes to share any information with the observers in advance (such as handouts, PPT slides, articles that will be discussed in class). CETL also provides guidelines and information for both hosts and observers.

Sign Up to Observe Classes

For the first week of sign-ups, please limit the number of observer slots you claim to no more than two.  For the second week, you can sign up for as many as you like.

You will see the full list of courses that are open to observers, including the course titles, dates, times, locations, and number of observer slots.  If you click on “See description,” it will expand to show you the instructor name, an instructor’s teaching-oriented description of the course (if available), and the CDCS course description.  In the upper right corner, you can toggle between “Job,” which sorts all the listings by course title, or “Date,” which sorts them by date and time.

To sign up, click the check box next to the specific observer slot(s) you have selected, enter your email at the bottom of the screen, and click “Sign up to volunteer” at the bottom of the screen.  You will receive a confirmation email at whatever email address you enter with the details of your selections.

If you change your mind about an observation slot for which you’ve signed up, simply click on the link in the confirmation email and click on the “Cancel this shift” under the relevant shift description.  You can also “Update your information” if you’ve made a mistake entering your information.  If you’ve lost the confirmation email, you can also go to the original link above, click on “Already signed up? Click here to check your status,” and enter your email.  The system will send you a new link to your sign-up information and observer slots.

After you sign up, please also mark your calendar for the informal lunch reception for observers and hosts.  The reception offers an opportunity for observers and hosts to connect and discuss their experiences.

We will also connect host instructors and their observers by email about a week before the class.  This email will provide guidelines and suggestions for the observers, and host instructors may also use this connection to provide additional context for the day’s session.

For further information, contact Rachel Remmel