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Center for Workshop Education

About the Center

The College established the Center for Workshop Education to provide advice and initiative for the development of new Peer-Led Team Learning (PLTL) Workshops and the continuing improvement of existing PLTL Workshop courses.  The CWE offers a forum for instructors, peer-leaders, and learning specialists to share ideas and practices about Workshops, and it houses the Workshop assessment program.  The CWE also serves as the hub for pedagogical expertise for leader training courses, logistical support for organizing Workshops, and recognition for faculty, staff, and students leaders.


Established in 1995 by Vicki Roth (the Assistant Dean and Executive Director of the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning until 2018) and Jack Kampmeier (former Professor of Chemistry) as a way to improve learning outcomes in a single course, Organic Chemistry I, Workshops now serve approximately 35% of the student population each year.  Currently, Workshops are components of a range of additional courses in Chemistry as well as a number of courses in Biology, Biomedical Engineering, Business, Computer Science, Electrical Engineering, Linguistics, Math, Optics, Philosophy, and most recently in Statistics.


The CWE is a part of in the Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning or CETL (Dewey 1-154, 585-275-9049).


Rachel Remmel, Nic Hammond, Cecilia Barone, Kyle Trenshaw, and Robin Frye are the co-directors of the CWE. This co-directorship reflects the partnership between learning theory and content knowledge that informs the Workshop model and is central to training the student Workshop leaders. 

Did you know...

Workshop LeaderThe University of Rochester is a national leader in Workshop education. Approximately 300 leaders are trained to provide PLTL Workshops in more than 25 courses each year in support of 2,600 students.